The Subway, Zion National Park
Zion National Park
Death Valley
Driving Home

Death Valley, Part II- Surprise Canyon
Death Valley, Part III

Spain- Toledo and Segovia
Spain, Granada and Madrid

Santa Catalina Island

Yosemite National Park

Welcome to Nepal
Durber Square, Nepal
Annapurna Trek-
 day 1// day 2// day 3// day 4-6// day 7// day 8// day 9// day 10//day 11 //day 12

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lake eibsee
Munich, 1/
Bamberg, 1234/
Wurzberg, 12
the tegernsee
Bike Rides 123/
blate sleepover
the secret beirgarten
the benediktenwand

Sneak Peak
Charles Bridge
St. Vitus Cathedral
Old Town Square
Prague- the details

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coming soon

Weekend Overview
A morning stroll and Shore dive
A hike in the clouds
A Picnic, Snorkel, Waves, Dolphins, and Sharks

*all photos taken by and belong to jessica bailey, author of Lost&Found blog.  Please ask permission  from ME, before using any of my photos for personal use.
Thank you.
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Emily Hope said...

I love this. I should really attempt to recap all the trips we have taken in the past. It will be great to get it all written down and organized. I am excited to read through your travels. Especially your thoughts on Cambodia and Thailand as I have been to both places.

Megan Stroup said...
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Megan Stroup said...

This travel page is making me swoon! I have a travel page on my blog as well, but it is nowhere near as cute or impressive as this!

P.S. - Sorry for commenting twice. I thought my name would link to my blog but I guess it links to my Google+ page now, so here's my blog address!

Emily Hope said...

OK - that's it! I am going to copy this page and start attempting to document our past trips. Maybe after our honeymoon. I am still looking forward to the Thailand & Cambodia review.

Katharine said...

Hi! I found your blog and it's great! I love traveling too and this page gave me an idea how to organize my past travel adventures. I'm using a drop down menu for it, but i think this is a better idea. If you don't mind, I'd like to do this lay out of travels on my blog as well. I've also put up a link on your blog on my page as "inspired by" hahaha. Thank you so much!

I've just followed your blog too. I blog over at


Shireen said...

Even though I just booked a flight back home to Seattle...looking at this page makes me think that's the worst idea ever! We live on such a gorgeous globe. Great pictures~

Ps- what type of camera do you use?

Sarah and Stewart said...

Wow I love the idea of a "Travels" page! I might have to add one to my blog too, although I haven't visited nearly as many cool places as you. :)

Alexander Supertramp said...

Hey! Just stumbled across your blog (I am super new to the Blogger format), don't really know what I am doing! But I had to try and leave a comment to let you know that I adore this. I've been to so many place & to have one place with all your journeys is really inspiring. I too moved to Germany once & it was life changing. Can't wait to read more about you. Check out my blog if you like.