Monday, August 11, 2014

baby-wearing favorites

When Octavian was born, I had hoped he would love baby-wearing.
Thankfully, he did.  And without convincing.
When he was a newborn we wrapped him in the moby wrap and the happy wrap (the happy wrap was our favorite).
Baby-wearing saved us in the nap department those first few months when I had no idea how to get him to sleep in a horizontal position.  He slept and I was able to get things done around the house, run errands that didn't involve 45 minute car rides around the block, use the bathroom, etc.

Thanksgiving.  Little man was just 3 weeks and slept through the whole dinner.

But, when he was around 4 months, I knew I needed to find a different way to wear and accommodate my growing, and much more curious, baby.
I knew the Ergo baby carrier was popular throughout the baby-wearing community, but the one I had my eye on was over $100 and a bit out of my budget.  Plus, I wanted something a bit more flexible so that Octavian didn't have only two wearing options- facing toward me or facing out.
So, I started searching for baby ring slings.
For me, a sling made the most sense.  I love holding Octavian on my hip.  He can look out and see all the activity around him, or snuggle up against me if he gets tired and needs a break.
But, at 8 months old, he is way too heavy to carry him around all the time without support.

After spending some time shopping around on Etsy (my favorite), I found the shop TinyRoos.
Handmade by a baby-wearing mama, I loved the look of her ring slings. 
I ordered the blue peacock color and it's perfect.  Every time I leave the house I get comments on how lovely the color is, and how well it matches my blue-eyed little man.
It takes two seconds to get Octavian in-and-out and, most importantly, he loves it! 
It came in the mail just before our family trip to Hawaii, and it made traveling so easy as we navigated the airport, waited for our rental car and took many many walks to the beach- not to mention the more than two hours he spent in the sling while we were at a friends wedding.
My favorite part of ring slings is how comfortable they are. Sometimes I forget i'm carrying around a 20 pound baby on my body.

So, tell me, do you baby wear?  What carrier is your favorite?
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