Wednesday, June 25, 2014

7 Month Update (3 weeks late)

Weight and Height:
18 pounds, 9 ounces
26 1/4 inches long

Weight gain is still slow and steady and lands him in the 59th percentile for his age group.  And, according to our pediatrician, he is in the 17th percentile for height.  I think that he is a little taller than what he was measured to be, but the nurse that always measures him isn't the nicest person in the world, so I always wimp out on asking her to measure again.

In the beginning of the month we were putting him down around 7pm and he was waking up between 530-630am (usually closer to 530am).  He was also struggling to make it to 7pm bed time.  It was suggested that I try putting him down closer to 630pm to see if that would get him more sleep (and maybe even get him to sleep in a little later).  Well, this little experiment failed.  By the middle of the month he was starting to wake up for the day between 445-515am.
I would always go in and nurse him and hope that he would fall back to sleep.  On a few rare occasions, he fell back to sleep for 30 minutes or so.  Most morning he would roll around in his crib, chat with his lovie elephant and suck on his thumb.  He would work so hard to go back to sleep.  Unless he started to cry, I would let him hang out and try to fall back to sleep until 6am.  I didn't want him to think that 5am was time to get up- or that that's when the sun rises. 
I still nursed him at least once during the night (rarely twice).  Although, he did sleep through the night completely on 5.16.14!  I missed our middle-of-the-night snuggles, and I was up every hour wondering when he was going to wake up, but it was nice to not have to get out of bed.

Naps this month have improved so much!  He has started taking an average of 3 naps per day (rarely 4), usually 35-90 minutes long.  Most days he does give us one longer nap which is pretty exciting after so many months of short and very frequent naps.

Bedtime Routine:
Our routine has stayed the same this month except for one small difference- since he is so mobile these days, he gets to spend very little of his naked time on our bed, and instead spends more time in his pack n play.
So, it still goes a little something like this:
get naked... play naked in pack n play or on bed while I fold laundry and run around the house getting everything ready... bath or sponge bath... singing, massage, vitamin drops (his favorite), and jammies... nurse... burp... kisses and bed.
He thrives on this routine, thank goodness!

Nursing was a bit of a struggle this month.  I shed many tears because my sweet boy decided it is way more fun to play than it is to suck on a boob.  We went from a very happy nursing "schedule" of 7 times per 24 hours, to a struggle of 4-5 times per day.  I never suspected that he wanted to wean, I just think I want him to nurse more than he wants or needs to at this point.  
Some days getting him to nurse more often is no problem, but other days it's impossible.  By the end of the month I decided I need to chill out and trust that if he's hungry, he'll let me know.  
Also, he's gotten too big for the scale we have.  Prior to this point I knew that I could always weigh him if I suspected he wasn't eating enough.  Now, I have no idea.  Making sure he is nursing enough has been an issue of mine since day one, and since he's never taken to bottles, I have never really had a great idea of what he is eating.  For some reason, this freaks me out.

Aside from nursing, little man has tried some new solids!  
So far he's eaten:
banana, egg yoke, prunes, sweet potato, peas, green beans, and apple sauce
I only offer solids 1-2 times per day and plan to take solids very slow.  I also always offer a sippy cup with frozen breastmilk.

Unfortunately, it has taken me over 3 weeks to start this post, and sadly, I have forgotten if we had any type of schedule.  Yes, this is how fast things change around here!
I offer the boob every couple hours and make sure he gets a nap when he needs one, so I suppose we never really had a set schedule.

New Skills:
He is rolling like crazy!  And, as long as he isn't too tired he can sit up for long stretches of time unassisted.  I do, however, always make sure that someone is sitting behind him, or there is a soft pillow for him to fall on- he still likes to fling himself backwards.  
He has also really started to babble!  He started saying ma-ma and ba-ba on 5.26.14 and hasn't stopped since!  I actually think it may be part of the cause of his early wake-ups!  He loves to chat away.    He also loves to scream!  I think it's hilarious and often have screaming "conversations" with him.

He LOVES his exercauser!  It is his favorite time of day.  I try to limit how much time he spends in it, but he has so much fun I can't help but let him play in there a couple times per day- it also allows me to do dishes and throw in some laundry!
This boy love love loves peek-a-boo! Oh my goodness, he goes crazy for it! 
He loves his crib!
I bought this plush stackable toy from Ikea and it's his favorite!  
Cats and dogs are his favorite!!!
TAGS!  Oh my goodness, if something has a tag on it, he will find it and it will be in his mouth!
He also loves sucking his thumb.  His favorite is when he can get a tag and his thumb in his mouth!
Errands.  He's the best company :)

He hates when I wipe his face after I feed him solids.  Drives him mad. 
Although he loves bathtime, he hates when I wash his hair.

Month Highlights:
He went in the pool for the first time!  I think he is still getting used to the idea of a giant swimming pool, but he seems to enjoy himself.  He also loves trying to taste the pool water which I am not ok with and try to distract him from as much as possible.
We started going on lots of walks and runs together down by the river.  He just sits back and enjoys the ride- most of the time.

This month we ventured down to Santa Monica to visit my family.  We left after bedtime routine and he slept the entire way!  We arrived at 2am and he was up at 5am!  This Mama was not thrilled about 2 hours of sleep.  Overall, he did really well.  He was happy and loved all the attention from my family.  He did well going to sleep in the pack n play for naps.  However, he did not sleep well in the pack n play our first full night there.  Since I was sleeping right next to him, I didn't sleep more than and hour or so since I was thrashing around the entire night.  He was also up at 5am screaming and only went back to sleep when I put him on my chest.  Since I was running on a few hours of sleep, we decided to leave a day early.  He and I both needed a good night sleep.  We drove back the third night, and thankfully he slept the entire way once again.
Things I learned?  My child loves sleeping in his carseat, but not his pack n play.  He started out great in the pack n play, but with each sleep he became more irritable when I put him in it.  Next visit we may need to rent a crib.  We will also have to drive during the day, OR fly, since I can't function properly on several nights of just 2 hours of sleep.

Speaking of pack n play, he no longer naps at other peoples' homes.  No more full afternoons at Grandma's house.  He will only sleep and nap in the car, in his stroller or in his crib (and on my chest if I rock him).  I love that he sleeps so well at home, but oh man!  It makes going out impossible sometimes.

He got his 6 month shots!  I was expecting him to have a couple rough days, but it was like nothing had happened.  He took a 3 hour nap once we got home, but that was it!

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Hena Tayeb said...

aww he is such a cutie.. my little guy just turned 7 months too

Katie said...

he is so so cute! his eyes are my favorite! and the baby eating/food/nursing thing i never imagined to be overwhelming but man it is!!

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