Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Starting Solids and a Giveaway Winner!!

A couple weeks ago we decided to give solids a go.

Originally, we were planning on waiting until after 6 months, but he seemed so interested in our food that we didn't think a couple weeks would do much harm.
We skipped cereals all-together- despite our pediatrician's recommendation to start him on cereals over a month ago.  I have no problems waking up to nurse once or twice a night and didn't want to fill him with empty calories (personal opinion, no judgment to those who have started with baby cereals).  After giving it some thought, I decided we would start with avocado.  Considered by some to be a "super food", avocado is packed with lots of good stuff.  I pureed it with some breastmilk to make it extra yummy.
He was not impressed with the first bite, but I offered it again and he loved it!  He managed to eat at least several tablespoons, and would have eaten more, but I wanted to see how his tummy handled the new cuisine before stuffing him full.

Since giving him avocado, he has tried sweet peas, sweet potato and oatmeal.
The only thing he will eat is avocado.
It seems his least favorite are sweet potato and oatmeal which we will be working on since those are two of my favs and are regular staples in this house.

We try to give him a sample of something each day, but we aren't in any rush.  He has shown no signs that breastmilk is not enough, so we'll just move at a pace that is comfortable for him.

That said, I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to introducing solids.  I've read up on baby led weaning, and while it is appealing, the thought of wasting so much food (and the fear of choking!) made us go the traditional route of purees.  If he doesn't start to show more interest in purees in the next month or two, we'll obviously have to re-evaluate.

Any advice on solids?  What worked best for you and your baby?


And, for anyone wondering, a winner was picked for the giveaway and has been emailed.
I was going to put the email on this post, but for privacy reasons, I thought that may not be the best idea.
I also used promosimple to do the giveaway and I am NOT a fan of their whole set-up,
so, next time I will be using a different site-
Rafflecopter seems to be pretty popular- any other suggestions?

Thank you to those of you that entered!
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Sandy said...

For the items he doesn't prefer, just try again in 2 weeks! I love when they are able to "eat" when we eat! Congrats to the winner! I admit, I am quite jealous! Lol

Jenna said...

So so sweet. He has the prettiest blue eyes… just like his mamma :) Can't believe how fast he's growing, it feels like just yesterday you were introducing him to the world on facebook :)

cynthia said...

What a cutie pie!!

Don't have any suggestions, I'd say just keep trying!
We started with baby oatmeal, and then veggie purees. My son pretty much ate everything, but was not a fan of peas!
We added fruit purees after a month of veggies.
Now we're giving him veggie/fruit/grain combos in the squeeze packet things. He usually likes all of them, but did not like the Ella's Bean Feast (or something like that). It was a weird texture and didn't taste like much of anything when I tasted it. He also feeds himself Cheerios, and sometimes eats small pieces of bread, fruit, pasta, whatever we are eating...
He'll be one next week and at that point (after we see the doc) I guess he can have meat products, so that should be interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hello from Greece,
If you want to continue with the traditional way, just keep on trying everyday. My daughter, now 15 months old, started like that but after 2 months of trying and no result we started blw and she started eating. Videos on youtube with blw babies help alot. And don't forget until the first year your milk is the basic food for your baby and solids come second.
many kisses
Ermioni Kallintzi
Athens Greece