Friday, April 25, 2014

Baby's first Easter

It was this guys first Easter!

Growing up my Mom always put together an Easter basket for me and my siblings filled with little gifts and fun sweets-
(I seem to remember lots of books- in particular, the series Goosebumps and Metamorphosis- anyone else?)
Of course, this is something I plan on continuing with all of my babies.
I filled Octavian's basket with a couple new toys, books, his first teddy bear and a few other items that were more of a necessity (and things I was planning on buying anyway).

Since we aren't a religious family, church was not part of our weekend celebrations- however, we did spend Easter Sunday with family enjoying a delicious brunch.

Little man also took his first nap at a strangers house in his pack n play.
The last time we tried was a few weeks ago and was a complete disaster, but he was falling asleep in my arms at the table while I was eating so I thought I would give it a go.
And now, as I write this, he is napping in the pack n play again while we spend the afternoon at Grandma's.
Such a relief.

Unfortunately, this stinker was tired and grumpy and did not want anything to do with pictures-
maybe next year?

Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter!

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Sara said...

Oh wow, so cute! I miss Easter in the US!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Oh my goodness! It has been a while since I've checked-in with my blog friends and I can't believe how much he has grown! What an adorable little guy! Happy first Easter!

Remember when we had the blog meet-up at Tower a few years ago? Wouldn't it be fun to get together now that we all have babies? We could do it in a park or something? Maybe this summer.

cynthia said...

Cute outfit, cute bunny ears, cute baby!
We did a quiet/mellow first Easter (with ears!) too. Looking forward to egg hiding and hunting as he gets older. :)

Susan said...

LOVE those bunny ears on him! And I love the header on your blog! SO CUTE. :)

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