Tuesday, August 27, 2013

30 weeks

30 weeks, 1 day
How far along?  30 weeks, 3 days
Size of baby?  cabbage, about 3 pounds
Weight Gain?  At my 28 week appointment, I had packed on 16 pounds since getting pregnant.  I feel ok with that number, and assume i'll continue to put on at least 1 pound per week until I deliver.  As long as baby is healthy, the weight doesn't bother me.
Sleep?  Different every night. Most nights it's really hard getting to sleep, and i'm up at least once ever hour or two to potty or walk for a minute since my hips hurt so bad.  Sleep definitely isn't getting better, generally worse.
Best Moment of the Week?  Getting closer to getting the baby room completed.  We finally found the perfect gliding rocker/book shelves/and a giant map for the wall.
Miss Anything?  Where do I begin?  I miss coffee, changing positions without grunting, an empty bladder, exercise, and feeling comfortable.  Not to mention, sleeping on my back.
Movement?  Baby loves to move!  There were a few days last week where baby had me worried because his/her movements decreased and were much softer.  Although I still managed to always get over 10 kicks/hour, it was so out of the ordinary for this baby.  I'm going to have a wild one on my hands!  Baby must have just been resting and taking a break because the non-stop kicks, rolls, and jabs are back and I love them!  This baby is sitting really low, so I often get surprise kicks to the bladder, butt, and my other lady parts.  I am starting to notice definite wake/sleep patterns.  Baby generally waits to wake up until he/she hears Aaron and I talk in the morning, and then spends most of the morning and afternoon with 30 minute periods of lots of movement followed by 30 minutes of sleep.  Baby is most active after dinner until we go to sleep (which has been around 1am).  He/she will dance around for about 10 minutes once i'm in bed, but always calms down shortly after.
Food Cravings?  still chicken.  And pork chops (which is so strange since I NEVER want pork ever).  Also donuts.  What am I really eating?  Lots of chicken, smoothies, oatmeal, veggie soup, strawberries, chocolate chip cookies, and ice cream.  Sadly, eating anything has been a struggle since I have had such horrendous heartburn.  I love food, so this just sucks- especially since I have to eat no matter how uncomfortable it makes me.
Gender?  We have decided to keep the gender a surprise!
Exercise?  I try to get to the gym 4 days/week.  My "workouts" consist of walking on the treadmill and a 20 minute session on the elliptical.  Although, if i'm being honest, i'm starting to give up on exercise- it's just so exhausting and uncomfortable.
Symptoms?   The 3rd trimester has been difficult.  I was lucky with an easy 1st and 2nd, but the 3rd is down right painful.  Indigestion, heartburn, headaches, crippling hip and back pain, fatigue, insomnia, etc.  Symptoms get worse as the day progresses, so by the time it's time for bed I just want to cry (and sometimes do) because everything hurts.  Baby's kicks and rolls (which can be painful sometimes too) are the only thing keeping me sane.  I also had what I thought was preterm labor contractions yesterday- scariest moment of my life.  Sudden unbearable pain that made it hard to breathe, let alone talk.  I thought this baby was coming at 30 weeks- one of my biggest fears.  My midwife said it sounded more like severe muscle spasms, and to relax with a bath.  Thankfully, these "contractions" went away after about two hours.   My hair and nails are also growing like crazy!  Thankfully no crazy swelling- yet.
Belly Button In or Out? In. 
Looking forward to?  Baby shower in 3 weeks!!!
Next Appointment?  Two weeks.

despite being horribly uncomfortable, I am so thankful for this baby in my belly.  That doesn't mean I LOVE being pregnant, though.  It is well worth the pain, discomfort, and irrational fear that something is going to go wrong, but I am so thankful for each day that passes and the closer I get to baby's due date.  I just want my baby in my arms- pooping, crying and driving my crazy with a whole new set of fear and worry.

66 more days!

28 weeks, 4 days
26 weeks

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