Wednesday, May 15, 2013

15 weeks

taken at 15 weeks, 3 days

How far along? 15 weeks, 4 days (photo taken yesterday)
Size of baby?  Apple
Weight Gain?  No idea.  I was weighed at 7 weeks and 12 weeks and there was no weight change.  I'll find out at my appointment next week how much I've gained.  I'm going to guess 3-5 pounds.
Sleep?  Getting better.  The first 14 weeks were hell.  In fact, insomnia was my first indication that I was even pregnant.  I still get up 3-4 times to potty, but that is a huge improvement from the 6-7 times I was going before.  Sleeping on my side is also really hard. I love to sleep on my back.
Best Moment of the Week?  Finally starting to feel like i'm showing a little.  Until now, I just looked like I've been eating too many burgers and drinking too much beer. 
Miss Anything?  Ibuprofen. smoked salmon. coffee.  Even though I can technically have tylenol and limited amounts of caffeine, I am so paranoid about baby being healthy, that I won't do it- not even a little.  I also really miss having energy.  Workouts are harder and my body just aches.
Movement?  Nope.
Food Cravings?  Cravings come and go.  I've been wanting apple pie and pastries. Also, cheese- not necessarily alone, but cheesy foods- bagels with cream cheese, quesadillas, mac n cheese, cheese burgers. Also, cherries and pineapple. Can't get enough fruit!   During the first trimester all I wanted to eat was chicken and grapes.  I ate so much chicken, I've decided to take a little break.
Gender?  We have decided to keep the gender a surprise!
Exercise?  Up until this past week, I was really good about walking 3-5 miles 6 days a week.  This week i've been a little busier, had worse headaches, and just more tired, so I've only made it to the gym twice.  I was also jogging a few days a week up until two weeks ago.  Although I can still jog, I feel safer walking.  My balance is less predictable these days.  My goal is to start prenatal yoga in the next month. 
Symptoms?  Headaches and fatigue.  Also, "growing pains".  You never really hear about all the pulling, stretching, throbbing, and aching that will go on in your lady parts when you get pregnant. It scared me at first, but now it's a welcome indication that baby is growing.  Mostly, I just feel like an old lady some days.  My 4 mile walks feel like 15 mile runs- literally.  My hips ache, back hurts and I just don't want to move.
Belly Button In or Out? In. However, it is definitely changing shape.
Looking forward to?  Feeling baby move.
Next Appointment?  Next week! Can't wait to hear baby's heartbeat again!  Since we are going as natural as possible, we haven't had an ultrasound yet- and will only have one at 20 weeks.  Thankfully, I love my midwife and trust her completely!

Do you have any questions for me?
Any must-have baby items I should keep in mind for baby registry?

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