Thursday, November 1, 2012

i've been a very very bad blogger

I can't believe it's been almost 3 months since I last posted on this little blog of mine.
despite my absence, i think about blogging often.
and sometimes really really miss it.

there are several reasons why i've taken a step back-
the first, and probably most to blame, is laziness.
it's true.  
the past few months I have been shamefully lazy.
i love blogging, but sometimes, it really feels like work.
i missed the days when blogging was fun.

the second reason for my absence i'm a little embarrassed to admit-
the reason being: jealousy.
ridiculous, i know.  especially considering how truly blessed my life is.
but, i'm human, and sometimes jealously rears its ugly head.

if you've spent much time reading blogs, you probably know how many amazing bloggers are out there.
thousands upon thousands.
of all these amazing blogs and bloggers,
there are, more specifically, many fabulous mommy blogs.
and well, i'll just say it- 
I've had a really hard time watching all the lovely growing bellies out there.
not because there is anything wrong with being pregnant or having babies.
in fact, quite the opposite.
my problem is that I want to have my own bun in the oven,
and, well, things just haven't happened for me yet, and it's taking much longer than anticipated.

so, there it is,
jealousy and laziness.
two very ugly qualities that have kept me from such a beautiful and diverse network.
so, i'm going to try and be better.

besides, who am i kidding-
when the day comes for me to be a mother,
this space will, most certainly, become a reservoir for all our happy, sad, and poopy memories.

love me,
hate me,
it's all good.
i've admitted two areas of my self that need improvement,
and i feel pretty good about it.

In other news,
this blog is in desperate need of a makeover.
Anyone have any recommendations?
Also, anyone know of any fabulous photoshop tutorials online that are easy to follow for beginners.
I need some help.

That's all I have for today.
I hope each and every one of you are doing well,
despite the laziness and jealousy, I have missed you all!

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Megan C. Stroup said...

Happy to see you back! Unfortunately, I don't have any blog design recommendations, as I do my own but should probably upgrade to a professional design soon. Good luck! :)

ifs ands Butts said...

Glad you're back old friend!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Wow you are soooo brave to be honest like that!!! What an inspiration! :)

lo @ crazy ever after said...

I understand this all too well. I'v definitely come down with a case of the jeals. Jesse and I got married over a year ago and started trying for a baby right away. I was pretty discouraged by this summer when we finally realized there was a reason it wasn't happening for us. It definitely sucks watching everyone else get pregnant so easily. And it takes a lot of courage to share these type of things. Good for you for putting it all out there. I've missed your posts!

Sarah and Stewart said...

I love your honesty! Also your blog is one of my favorites so it was lovely to see a new post this morning. I suffer from jealousy and laziness a lot, too. It's hard sometimes but it will pass, hang in there girlfriend, you are awesome!

Susan said...

You're back! You're back! You're back! I'm totally not a creepy stalker, I promise. ;) I just got back from a 3 month blogging break myself and was so sad to see that you had been on one as well. I miss all your travel tales. And last I heard, you were still in Europe. Glad you're back. And I love the honesty. We have all been there. Keep your chin up dear! xo Susan PS. check out Youtube for tutorials. I can always find something on there.

Dulce said...

i'm so glad you're back, honesty is always the best, and the fact that you talk about two things that need improvement, well, make it more special.
I started blogging and then quit and then came back, because well my blog wasn't exactly what i have in mind, i'm way to lazy, but now i'm working on it.
I know the feeling with those proud mommies sharing her bellies, and which is worst, i don't even have a relationship, but well, i'm happy to see the happiness in others.
depending on what you want from photoshop, check youtube, and some bloggers made great tutorial too like a beautiful mess or wish wish wish

cynthia said...

Welcome back to blogging :) I'm sure moving from one continent to another is not easy and I'm sure all your readers, me included. understand taking a break!

I had Kristen (at WTF) do my design and I LOVE IT. also Hope (HopeSquared) is great. :)

Jamie said...

Welcome back! We all go through periods like this, hopefully you'll find your voice again soon

RadiantKristen said...

Welcome back from your break! I know how you feel about the pregnancy thing... my heart and my body really want me to be cooking a little one, but we've decided to wait to start trying until after our wedding next June. It's killing me!