Saturday, August 11, 2012

i'm alive

Hey Everyone!

I am alive,
just in case you were wondering.

An unexpected move into a new apartment last weekend,
and unreliable internet,
has kept me very busy 
(and frustrated in the case of the internet).

I am hoping to establish a routine of sorts in the upcoming week,
and hopefully get back to regular posting.
Plus, share some new apartment pics with all of you-
including my diy mason jar project!

moving aside,
life is good.
the fiance and I have our own place again for the first time in almost 18 months,
and we are once again reunited again with the kids.

I am still trying to figure out the job situation-
more school and MORE debt?
or settle for less, but refuse to sell my soul to loans?
One thing I have learned-
a degree in Biology means little these days,
unless I want to work in a windowless lab again.
and, I don't.
sometimes, life comes with hard decisions.

so, there you have it.
my life in a nutshell.
I will have much more interesting things to write about soon!
(i hope)

of all places, he managed to settle himself in my panty basket.
i love him

Hope you all have a great weekend!
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Hima said...

Oh gosh, I feel you on the no Internet! We just moved to, and this is the first day I've had Internet at home in like, 10 days.


Christi Lynn said...

i have a recent love for cats :)

Svenja said...

I so understand you -- moving around places for too long, a degree with no use (for me) and the no internet thing here up north in a remote area -- grr..

Have a lovely weekend too!


Alyx said...

Glad you guys are finally getting settled in, and even more happy that you two are together!

Alex Butts said...

Can't wait to see the apt and particularly the mason jar project - they always turn out so awesome (at least on Pinterest they do)!

Ikra said...

I can understand it will take some time before you will settle. I hope you would grab a good job soon xx

Sneak peek into my life

Emily said...

Congrats on the new apartment! It must be so nice to have a place just for the two of you again :) Love the picture of your cat in the closet too, haha.

Sarah and Stewart said...

Aw, the pic of kitty in the closet is so cute! Our cat loves to curl up in our walk-in, too!

Sweet Green Tangerine said...

I remember thinking at one point this week....Did I accidently un-follow Bailey? Has she blogged and I missed it?
Glad you're back and got a little break :)

Katherine Fischer said...

welcome back!! can't wait to hear more about your exciting new adventures!!