Friday, August 24, 2012

if you really knew me...

I've seen and read several of these if you really knew me posts all over the blogosphere,
and decided it would be fun to play along.
After all, I have had this blog for just shy of a year now,
and think it is time to share a bit more of me, 
with all of you.
Unfortunately, I do not remember where I saw it first,
so I can't give credit where credit is due.
(if you know of that person, let me know, and I will add a link)
Al from traffic jelly wrote her if you really knew me post back in June,
check out her inspirational blog!

if you really knew me...

you would know that I have a serious problem biting and picking at my nails and cuticles.
i've been a compulsive nail destroyer for as long as I can remember,
and still, at 26 years old, can't stop.
honestly, it's disgusting.

you would know that I have food stockage problems.
let me explain-
i get really anxious if I run out of something that I eat a lot of.
for example, right now, i'm making tons of smoothies.
because they have become such a staple of my diet,
our freezer has over 5 costco sized bags of frozen berries.
we are going to costco again today,
and I already plan on getting more.
I like to think i'll be prepared for the apocalypse.

you would know that past nicknames have included,
dolfina, fatty, poonut, noodle, and stinky.
dolphins are my favorite animal. this childhood obsession is embarrassing.
fatty because I was really chubby prior to puberty.
poonut, well, i'm not really sure how this came about. but thank you, Megan, it's still one of my favs.
noodle because I had a lot of fun freshman year of college, often making standing difficult (thank goodness those days are over)
and stinky because, in the past, my gym clothes would smell really bad even after washing. the fiance hated it, so he started calling me stinky.  Thankfully the new Tide Active Sport detergent makes it all smell good again.
(if you sweat a lot while you work out, you'll love this detergent. No I was not paid to say this)

if you really knew me, you would know that, despite my travel obsession, I am quite the homebody.
nothing compares to sleeping in my own bed, and cooking in my own kitchen.
what can I say, i'm a cancer, and I can't help myself.
I hate sleeping at other peoples' houses,
and would rather stay in and do nothing,
than have to sleep elsewhere.
hotels are an exception.

you would know that i have a very sensitive belly button.
basically, it's pretty painful to clean-
sticking my finger or a qtip in there is pretty unbearable.
it's like a single nerve connects my belly button to my urethra.
if I ever get insurance again, this is one thing I will be asking a doctor about.

you would know that my mother has suffered with alcoholism nearly my entire life.
my mom is the the most amazing woman I have ever known;
she is beautiful, smart, sensitive, nurturing, and pretty much the best mother out there.
unfortunately, a little thing called alcohol interferes sometimes.
despite the emotional toll on not only her, but me,
I will never, ever, love her any less.
she is my mom, and through her triumphs and struggles, I have learned so much.
she has helped make me a stronger person.

you would know that I am not a religious person.
like, at all.
i'm a science person, and find myself to be more spiritual than religious.
I do, however, respect every single religion out there.
we are all individuals, and have the right to believe what we wish.
who am I to judge you?

you would know that I cry a lot.
like, a lot.
blame it on hormones, astrology, or just plain being emotional,
who really knows.
the fiance is learning, that when it pours,
it's best to just laugh and give me a hug. trying to prevent a downpour is nearly impossible.
*i'm a little frightened to be around myself when I get pregnant*

if you really knew me, you would know that I have strange eating habits.
first, I don't eat much until dinner.
sometimes i'll have a snack, or a smoothie, but I mostly only eat dinner and several 'desserts'.
the fiance likes to call me a night eater-
that i'll only eat when it's dark outside.
I think my unhealthy eating routine is the mess leftover from years of suffering with my own eating disorder.
something I have never shared on this space or with all of you,
and is a topic i'll save for another day.
I will say this- judgement is not welcome.
I am not ashamed of my past, and I will not hide from it.
my past does not define who I am today.

if you really knew me, you would know that I prefer my water ice cold.
i will refrain from going so far as saying that I need my water ice cold,
but, that's pretty much the case.
I carry around a klean kanteen water bottle stuffed full of ice-
even if it's cold and snowy outside.
Let's just say, living in Europe and traveling throughout Asia was a challenge for this very reason.

 you would know that I want at least 3 kids, horses, dogs, cats, cows, pigs...
and pretty much every other animal out there.
you would also know that I want to make my own cheese,
and sell it weekly at a farmer's market.

you would know that when I get nervous around new people,
I either shut down completely,
or talk non-stop.

you would know that I am competitive and extremely hard on myself-
but over the years,
my extreme self-criticism has calmed down a bit,
and now, i'm actually a bit lazy.

you would know that I am completely obsessed with traveling this world.
I often fantasize that, one day,
i will get paid to photograph and write about this beautiful Earth.
...oceans, mountains, cities.
Happiness, in my life, is getting lost in a new place, camera in hand.
(i have no babies yet, so i can say this. perhaps this ideal happiness will change)

that said, if you really knew me, would would know that I have a fear of flying...

So, there you have it.
If you have written a post like this,
please leave me a link, so I can learn a bit more about you!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

(one day, in the future, perhaps I will write more about my eating disorder and my mother's alcoholism.  for now, it's not important. I don't want sympathy or criticism.  I am happy with my life, and that is all that matters.  If you have any personal questions or comments, please email me.  Thank you)
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Lish said...

What a honest post!! It's great to get to know you a bit better :)

Sinead said...

What brave post! I posted one a few weeks ago, so I know how hard it can be!

Al said...

I may or may not have had something to do with this epidemic...but oddly enough, I was searching through old posts and found a comment you left last March, clicked over, and today you did the"If You Really Knew Me" post - so it was kismet!!

Following you now babe, so good to reconnect with you!


Sweet Green Tangerine said...

Great post :)
I'll have you know, I was biting my nails AS I was reading it. LOL

chrissy said...

Haha LOVE the noodle nick-name...I had the same problem, don't worry... ;)

Wiffy said...

I love that outfit, you look really cute.

Svenja said...

Great post, and very honest.
Love the pictures, too. Great colours (did I ever mention I love your pictures anyhow ? Well, if not, I do :) )
A few weeks ago I also did join in the if you really know me series... If you like, you can find it here:

Have a lovely weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thank you

CrazyTragicAlmostMagic said...

This is honest and I like it, a lot!
I like my water ice cold too but I can drink it at room temperature if not.

And I'm not at all ashamed to admit how envious of you I am. I've never left the east coast but right now, travel is sadly taking a back seat so I can finish school. Keep the pictures coming!!

lia Lamourt said...

You arw so honest dearr love the post i like how we could get to know you ;) xoxo lia

Julie said...

We have quite a few things in common!

I'm a huge homebody (and a cancer too!) and love just staying in most nights.

My bellybutton is the same exact way. I hate it!

I cry so easily at everything! It's so ridiculous the stupid things I find myself crying at haha.

I also hate eating much during the day. Heavy lunches just make me feel so icky the rest of the day.

Love this post :) I'm thinking about doing one of my own soon!

RadiantKristen said...

Your realness in this post is so refreshing... so many people just talk about the random stuff. I'm glad you told everyone more than that!

...And I could identify with so many of the things you mentioned... being a Cancer homebody... wanting a gaggle of kids, livestock, and the land to have them all on. Yes.

And I probably need to buy that detergent. Although I've heard that adding half a cup of white distilled vinegar to your laundry detergent does the same thing!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Loooooved this post! Cheers to being honest!!!

Alex Butts said...

Definitely the best if you knew me I've read yet

snow me white said...

Great post! It's always fun to get to know the blogger behind the blog:)

snow me white said...

Great post! It's always fun to get to know the blogger behind the blog:)

kayleigh maryon said...

I have just recently stumbled on your blog and have to say its extremely refreshing to see someone write a personal post and really open up to the people that read your stuff everyday.
Your writing is great and its really inspiring. One day after I have been blogging for a bit longer maybe I will be brave enough to do the same.

Nicole said...

Bailey! I found your blog probably about half an hour ago... and I love it. Your If You Really Knew Me post was a good post to read first. You sound so lovely! And we're so similar - it's crazy!!!!! Oh, this all excites me so much! My boyfriend often enoys winding me up about how much I cry... but you'll understand - we just can't help it!

I am definitely going to attempt at If You Really Knew Me post soon.

Also, it's so good to find a blog that has posts with more words than pictures ;) your pictures are lovely too. Lately I've been finding lots of photography blogs and my heart was becoming a bit dry :( haha ;)

I'd love to add your button to my blog - if that's okay?

Love from South Africa x

Sarah and Stewart said...

Wow, I love this post! It was so fun to read and get to know you better. So many facts about you reminded me of myself. Thanks for posting!

Ana F. said...

Oh I bite my nails all the time too. That's why I try to get them done every week. I haven't stopped 100%, but it helps a lot!!

Alex said...

I am also a fellow nail destroyer, spiritual over religious, and have one heck of a sensitive belly button!