Wednesday, July 11, 2012

speak to me

Sometimes, pictures just speak to me.
They don't need to be professional photos,
or require 200 shots to get that one perfect frame.
but, when I see it,
it whispers something in my ear,
sends me some kind of message,
and transports me, for just a moment,
to a different time and place.
I may not always understand what they're saying,
this magic message
but, I can feel that it's important,
and should not be overlooked.


I know, you may be wondering how some of these photos speak to me.
and, even if I tried,
I couldn't give a direct answer.
The truth is that, in this life,
we are all affected and inspired by different things.
While one thing may ignite my senses,
they may just confuse yours.
That is one mystery of this world-
and the beauty of living, learning, and growing.

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Ana F. said...

I've seen the first picture on Pinterest. That's my favorite kind of picture. I totally understand what you're saying... When we have a family party, I'm usually the one going around with the camera, hidden in the corners, trying to capture the candid moments. Those speak to me so much more than the posed portraits. The first one is such an ADORABLE moment between mom and baby. It makes me wish I had my own. :)

Sarah and Stewart said...

Oh my gosh the one with the shark is crazy and I love the one of the framed maps on the wall.

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

I LOVE that first photo.
The shark, however, no thank you! Aaaaah!

The foggy lake is sooo creepy. Omg

Loving your new header Bailey!

Alyx said...

I really love that first photo!!!

The Pink Growl said...

I feel ya! It's definitely true that a picture is worth a thousand words. I'm a big fan of looking at candid shots from wedding receptions, so funny and they all tell a story!

Jenna said...

Lovely photos... all of them... but especially the great white one and the one of the woman biking across the bridge. I know what you mean about certain photos just talking to you, I have so many of those :)


Sweet Green Tangerine said...

Yes! I hate when people over dissect photos (or anything for that matter). Why can't we just let the photo do all of the speaking. Love your words here and those photos!
Especially the sleeping family :)

kimberly rae said...

i love them all but i really like the idea of framed maps of different places!! i have a wall in my apartment that that'd be perfect for!!

Ikra said...

The first picture just touched my heart so beautifully. Loved all of them and agree that pictures speak to us :) XXX