Wednesday, July 25, 2012

moving on

I have been home almost 3 days...
and, I haven't stopped smiling once.
despite the stress of finding work and making money,
life is perfect,
and just as it should be at this very moment.

I plan on indulging in certain things I have missed these past 4 months-
all things mexican
and cuddles

the strangest thing about being back?
the traffic.
I learned to love driving on the little one-lane village roads while living in germany.
slow moving traffic wasn't caused by too many cars on the road,
but instead by tractors hauling manure and bales of hay away from their fields.
manual car aside,
driving was easy.

speaking of driving, 
I have to say it-
german's really know how to drive well.
we could learn a lot about driving from these masters of the autobahn.
first lesson, 
don't drive and talk on your phone.
just don't.

I also miss the bakeries, affordable wine, and public transport.

but mostly, I really miss the alps.
i was spoiled.
so so spoiled.
and, i knew this the entire time I was there.
after all, i'm not blind.
thankfully, i took advantage of the natural beauty that sat in my backyard,
and spent a lot of time outdoors whenever the rain decided to stop.

i've never loved living in the US more than I do now.
even though a fast food restaurant and gas station is literally on every single corner,
we relish in processed food,
and  our economy is in the dumps,
i love it.
and, i am so happy to be home.

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Krystal said...

That is such a beautiful picture! I'm sure you had an amazing time in Germany but it's true, there really is no place like home :)

Sarah and Stewart said...

Isn't it funny how sometimes it takes stepping away from something for a while to really appreciate it? Glad you're enjoying being home!

bailey j said...

so glad you are happy to be home! there really is nothing like home.. the feeling is unbeatable. & of course mexican food..there is nothing like that either aha.

Lindsay said...

Welcome home!

Shireen said...

Yayy!!!!! I am SOOO excited to be home...less than 2 months until I'm on USA soil. Lucky you!~!

Alyx said...

Glad that you're home and that life is going great!

Ikra said...

Glad to know you are enjoying :) xxx

James A. Buckley said...

So you are going to be home for how long Jessica ?
Found you on Pinterest, enjoyed your pins..

Alex Butts said...

still have to learn how to drive a manual before i go back and have nothing in this country to practice on…

glad you're happy to be home!

germanamericanabroad said...

OMG, I love your blog so much! I love the pictures, the energy, the stories!

All the best to your life in the US now. Awesome that you got to appreciate your life in Europe before you knew it would be over too soon!

Cheers from the Big Apple!

Kristin W said...

Coming home to kitties is just the best :) I bet they missed you so much!