Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Secret Biergarten

Over a month ago,
my host mom took me and the fiance to this secret location.
Honestly, I have no idea how we got here,
or where it is located.
She said it was a secret,
since many local people fear that if it were discovered,
it would quickly be overtaken by tourists.

Thankfully, I currently live in Germany,
and no longer consider myself a visitor.

The moment I glimpsed this view,
I immediately understood why she chooses to keep it a mystery.
I was stopped in my tracks,
as my mouth immediately fell open.
The view was so stunning,
it was as if my eyes were playing a nasty little trick on me.
I worried it would all vanish in an instant.

Accepting that it was indeed real,
I was able to walk again.

We found a picnic table,
and ordered the usual-
beer, pretzels, and roasted chicken.
My eyes and belly were very very happy.

This is one reason why I love Bavaria so very very much.
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Shannon Marie said...

This view is amazing. I can understand why you stopped dead in your tracks! WOW! Thanks for sharing this secret place with us :)

Brooklyn said...

look at those views! i mean i can't even get over it! and ps, so happy your fiance will be traveling over soon :)

Jenna said...

WOW. I would keep it a secret too, that view is unbelievable. And, like always, I'm sure to see it in person was 100 times more spectacular :)


Pamela said...

wow this is so breathtaking!!! absolutely stunning!

Beate said...

This place is amazing! We're definitely living in a wonderful part of Germany ;D

Love your new blog layout!

Katrin said...

your pictures are so beautiful!

kaity said...

oh.my.goodness. those pictures! that view! so much pretty all in one place. this place is definitely worth being kept secret.

Cassie said...

Wow, SO beautiful! I'll have to keep looking around. It sounds like you are up to many adventures!

nancy said...

oh, WOW. this is incredible!

stefanie hurtado said...

these pictures are seriously breathtaking! i can't imagine how beautiful it must've been in person.

bailey j said...

all i can say is WOW. like.. amazing!

Brigette Olmos-Arreola said...

this is breathtaking!

Jennifer Sonja said...

Wow! Truly amazing. Love all the pictures you take (this post and others..beautiful!)


Emily said...

My mouth dropped too! I don't know that I would have been able to focus on the food at all with that view in front of me!