Monday, June 18, 2012

easter walk- better late than never.

I took these photos a couple months ago-
it was the end of Easter holiday, and beautiful Bavaria was covered with a thin sheet of snow.
I joined my host family on a little walk in the woods, 
and up to a hut that served everything from beer to sausage to stew.

Germans literally drink beer at any time of the day,
and during any activity.
It was on this little hike that I was introduced to beer mixed with carbonated lemonade.
It may be my new favorite.

It was also on this little hike that I learned that huts sit at the top of many popular hikes.
At first, I couldn't wrap my head around it,
but now it makes total sense.
It is brilliant.
and something I will miss when I am back in California,
hiking in the Sierra's,
coming to the end of a long, hard climb,
stomach grumbling,
and wishing for some beer and sausage at the end.

In Germany, this is real life.
In California, I better hope I packed a pretty awesome lunch.

Amazing beer and huts aside,
the walk was lovely.
I could have sat in silence all day,
admiring the views.

As much as I dread winter,
like really really loathe winter,
I do look forward to the next big snow fall.

My apologies for the lack of photos.
I forgot to put the SD card in my camera,
and my camera can only store 5 photos.

This was a mistake I hope to never, ever make again.
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Jenna said...

It's the worst feeling ever when you realize that you forgot your memory card. I can't even begin to tell you how many times this is happened to me :/ That being said the 5 shots you did have you used well! That view looks amazing :) And the sausage huts - totally revolutionary idea. Love.


Sophie said...

this is unbelievably magical! your photos are insanely beautiful! sounds like the perfect day x

Svenja said...

Hi - I love that -- that Easter / snow thing in June. And that Germans drink beer the whole day thing ;-) Even though I am more the wine-type, I do agree that Germans, esp. Bavarians even have beers in the morning...

It must have been a great walk, and I also agree that the huts are a great idea, romantic and also a little treat when reaching the hill top.

Great pics as well!


Rachel said...

The waterfall picture is beautiful!

Huts at the top of hikes would be great. Usually by the time I reach the peak, my pb&j sandwich is smushed and warm in my backpack. A cold beer and sausage would be much better!

Samantha said...

I've dreamed of visiting Bavaria for the longest time and this post only increased my desire to go. Spectactular photos and so neat to hear about the culture!

Jamie said...

What lovely photos! Makes winter seem not far away.

Alex said...

I loooooooooooooove radler!! Can't stand beer, but once it's mixed with lemonade I could just drink it all day long. I, too, was introduced to it in Bavaria...though not on a scenic hike. It was Hofbrauhaus for me!

Anonymous said...

That's the worst, when you forget your card. Anyway, the pictures are so pretty! I love the mountains. And the snow.

PS: I love your new header! SO pretty :)

Lyndsy said...

Beaut pictures! Bavaria is a place I need to see whilst here this year.

Katrin said...

Beautiful pictures! And I love Radler too!

tandaschroeder said...

I don't know if I already told you--but thanks for your sweet comment! The pictures you take are beautiful. I'm a new follower as 30 seconds.

Much love!

Amanda at:

Mrs. Pancakes said...

the sceneries are beautiful!!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

Wow absolutely gorgeous!