Thursday, June 28, 2012

the blomberg

Some time ago I went with my host family to The Blomberg-
a small mountain that offers outdoor enthusiasts skiing in the winter time,
and hiking in summer time.
Since we were with the kids,
we took the ski lift up the mountain,
and enjoyed some sausage and beer while soaking up the sun.
(at this time, sunny days were few and far between)

The views were stunning
not surprising
giving me a taste of the Alps,
and making me want more.

Aside from the beer hut and beautiful panorama,
the blomberg caters primarily to children.
so, if you ever find yourself in Munich,
and in need of a day away in the mountains with your kids,
this is the place for you!
(no, this is not an advertisement)

The best part of the day was the swinging competition between J&A to see who could jump off furthest-
they tied.
Although, J would argue otherwise.
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Sammantha said...

My husband and I love swinging! Okay, it's mainly just him - but that last picture is just too cute.

Sarah and Stewart said...

That photo of the trees with the fish on them is awesome. And there isn't much I love as much as swings... never ceases to make me feel like being a kid again. :)

Milynn luong said...

I love swing competitions. Heck I still even do it with my friends whenever I go near a park. There's nothing wrong with giving in to my inner child.

I love the Jesus Fish on the trees

Love-And-Whimsy Blog

Lyndsy said...

Fun! Swinging is the one things I will never turn down with the kids.
I need to visit Mountains soon

Liz Brown said...

The fish on the trees is way cool. But why is it there?

Polly Ann Blackwell said...

such a beautiful landscape! it looks gorgeous from your pictures, i can only imagine how it looked in person.

Casey said...

Ok the fish tree is wicked awesome. Love it. And I adore the Alps. Took my family up to the Zugspitze in May when they came for a visit and they fell in love too! I almost wish we lived in Bavaria just to be close to the mountains...although living along the Rhine does offer some amazing vineyard views and wine! :) Great photos, as usual!