Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the benediktenwand

Thankfully, Mother Nature gave Bavaria the gift of sunny skies this weekend.
Weather here is pretty unpredictable-
and by pretty, I mean really.
the weather report changes every five minutes,

We decided to set our alarm for 6am,
(I was not thrilled about this, but I knew it had to be done)
and see what the weather was like when we woke up.
apparently, miracles do happen,
the sun was shining!
despite the early wake up call, we had to get out of bed,
and take advantage of the beautiful day.

we filled up our bottles with water,
and were out the door by 630am.
We stopped at the local bakery,
and picked up the essentials- croissants and pretzels.
the hike just could not be done without these two things-
oh, and the cheese I had already stored in my rucksack.
I may be learning German after all

The hike started out pretty easy.
We even had the option to follow the road up to the trailhead for Tutzinger Hutte, 
but, we tried to take side trails as much as possible. 
Estimated time to the hut was 3 hours,
and walking on a dirt road for that long was sure to get boring.

We hoped to make it to the top of  Benediktenwand as fast as possible.
although we woke up to nice weather,
we had no insurance that it would stay that way.
so, we trekked on,
trying to keep as fast a pace as possible.
At times, this was hard for me-
the wildflowers are in full bloom here in Bavaria,
just waiting to be photographed by my camera.
I was tempted to stop every ten seconds.

By 10am we made it to Tutzinger Hutte-
a hut sitting right at the base of Benediktenwand.
Huts like this are all over Germany,
most sell food and drink,
but in this particular case, travelers can even spend the night in a comfortable cabin.
more information, here.

We stopped for a coffee,
(3 euro each, I almost died- thankfully I wasn't paying)
glanced around at all the other hikers,
and discovered we were the only people drinking something other than beer.
I still don't understand this-
10am, hiking, and a beer?
but, I then remembered I was in Germany,
and, in this case, the fiance and I were the crazy ones.

We drank our coffee,
emptied our bladders,
and were on our way again.
Estimated time to the top was 90 minutes.

The hike from the hut to the top was not on a road,
but was technically easy
(as long as you don't mind a butt blasting incline)
and we made it to the top in just under 90 minutes.

Although clouds were covering the top of some of the highest peaks,
the view was stunning,
and I was so thrilled we decided to get out of bed,
climb up this little mountain,
and experience a little part of Bavaria few people know about.

We ate our pretzels with cheese,
and enjoyed the view.
Although the Alps are not as dramatic in size compared to the Himalayas,
they are gorgeous.

The hike down was a bit more challanging.
I fell several times,
I am not always graceful when I hike,
and the decline was fairly steep.

The fiance also noticed that he was getting blisters,
 since he was hiking in running shoes,
and not in his favorite hiking boots.
Understanding how miserable this can be,
(read part I of how I know this, here)
I suggested we hitchhike once we get to the road.
(I hate downhill hiking. HATE IT. so, I was pretty thrilled when he agreed)

This would be my first time hitchhiking,
and I was pretty excited about it.
Considering we were in Bavaria,
among other hikers and mountain men,
I didn't think it would take long to find a helpful, trusting driver.

I was right.

The first person to drive by stopped,
and offered to give us a lift,
in this...

Despite the less than ideal conditions of our ride,
we made it down in no time,
and saved our knees and toes from a pain I would happily avoid-
even if it meant playing horse for 20 minutes.

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Sammantha said...

this looks sooo beautiful, i'm jealous!


The Management said...

Wow, these are great pictures alongside an awesome story.

I'm not a fan of early mornings either and can only be coaxed into them if I'm going to get to do something awesome- looks like that worked out for you!

Too funny about having to ride in a horse trailer, but you're right, definitely better than beat-up feet.

Look forward to reading more of your blog!

Jordan Jaked said...

gorgeous photos!

what a fun little adventure :)

Alyx said...

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE the fact that you hitchhiked? Awesome.
Even though it looks like it was tough, the view looks well worth it!!

Alex Butts said...

hahahaha that's the best hitchin' a ride ever. i totally would've found a ride down too after a long hike up, cue the no surprsie that i'm terribly lazy

Jenna said...

Wow, the view was definitely worth the hike - it looks amazing! Although I probably would have also hitched a ride going back down, that's always the boring and monotonous part and, you're right, it is hard on your knees!


Alex said...

It's so green and beautiful!!

Lyndsy said...

hahaha that's awesome!!

Milynn luong said...

This is absolutely stunning photography. The weather looked amazing too. I really long to travel outside of America. Bavaria seems like a place I would thoroughly enjoy hiking as well!

Love-And-Whimsy Blog

Mckenzie said...

Glad you sent me your link. I love the blog--you're making me want to get up and travel ASAP.


Maria said...

Holy wow, these are such beautiful pictures! That snail, say what! I think the views are worth the pain, but that's just me!

Shireen | eatplaylovethattop.com said...

You are a very talented photographer!! Although that scenery is just beautiful. Sounds like a fun hike!!!

chrissy said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I just took a look at yours too, it's beautiful! I'm so jealous of all of the beautiful places you have been to, very inspiring! New follower for sure. :)



Kristina said...

missing the alps when i look at your pretty pictures. not many mountains here in australia :) enjoy!!

Heather said...

I love these photos (ok, and the rest of your photos... I was drooling over Nepal a second ago), and I can't wait to get down to the area to check this out myself!

Just curious as to what kind of camera you use... I'm in the market for a new one and it looks like yours takes great pictures! (that plus your excellent eye) :)