Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal, Day 8

Since we had walked the majority of the ascent the previous afternoon, 
day 8 of our trek was, in comparison, fairly easy.
It only took us a few hours of hiking,
following the river on the valley floor,
to reach the city of Manang.

Compared to the other little villages we had passed through,
Manang was huge.
There were at least a dozen teahouse hotel options,
little shops,
and, my favorite part-
German bakeries.

After a week of trekking,
it was nice to see some new faces,
and more of them.

The main highlight of Manang?
it was in this little part of the world that the fiance asked me to be his wife.
It was the perfect proposal.
post to come


Remember the road I mentioned they were building?
well, it will take tourists up to Manang,
and completely ruin this trek forever.
I'm am so thankful I was able to see it before man destroys it completely.

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Ariel Tyler said...

Wow! So beautiful!

Milynn luong said...

Nepal is somewhere I definitely have to visit during my next vacation. Why are they going to destroy the trek? It's so beautiful! Sometimes humans tread too much on Mother Nature's beauty.

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Alyx said...

Oooh, I can't wait to hear about the proposal. So sad that the hike is going to be ruined by a road!

McKenzie said...

absolutely stunning.

Sammantha said...

gorgeous, i (again) am so jealous of this trip of yours!

Katrin said...

I am always amazed by your beautiful pictures!

Tiffany said...

How beautiful! And German bakeries? Very random... but a nice surprise!

Alex said...

Ummmm what an amazing place to get engaged!!

Samantha Shepherd said...

Can't wait to read the proposal story! These pictues make me want to hop on a plane right this instant. Gorgeous!

Jenna said...

The boyfriend proposed there! Ummm, officially best proposal spot ever! Can't wait to hear the full story :)

The mountains are stunning - they keep getting more and more breathtaking with each and every post.


Sarah and Stewart said...

Wow - incredible photos... I love your blog! :)

PS I am new from

Anonymous said...

im so ready to go to nepal after always reading about your adventure there (ok the photos dont hurt either!) :) i cant wait to plan another trip out to asia!