Friday, June 29, 2012

happy list and weekend plans

This week has been long.
long days with the kids,
and long hours missing the fiance and home in general.
so, i've decided to make a happy list,
a little reminder to always remember the little things that make me happy.

sweet watermelon
chirping birds and blue skies
a weekend away
sparkling water
a fresh pair of contact lenses
flowers. everywhere.

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful weekend!

Tonight, I'm headed to Vienna, Austria,
and return to Munich on Monday morning. 
I have been dreaming of visiting Vienna for years, 
so, naturally, i'm super excited to finally see this city!

One of my best friends from boarding school will be in Munich on Monday,
so I will be seeing her lovely face for the first time in over 7 years.
excited is an understatement.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

the blomberg

Some time ago I went with my host family to The Blomberg-
a small mountain that offers outdoor enthusiasts skiing in the winter time,
and hiking in summer time.
Since we were with the kids,
we took the ski lift up the mountain,
and enjoyed some sausage and beer while soaking up the sun.
(at this time, sunny days were few and far between)

The views were stunning
not surprising
giving me a taste of the Alps,
and making me want more.

Aside from the beer hut and beautiful panorama,
the blomberg caters primarily to children.
so, if you ever find yourself in Munich,
and in need of a day away in the mountains with your kids,
this is the place for you!
(no, this is not an advertisement)

The best part of the day was the swinging competition between J&A to see who could jump off furthest-
they tied.
Although, J would argue otherwise.
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal, Day 8

Since we had walked the majority of the ascent the previous afternoon, 
day 8 of our trek was, in comparison, fairly easy.
It only took us a few hours of hiking,
following the river on the valley floor,
to reach the city of Manang.

Compared to the other little villages we had passed through,
Manang was huge.
There were at least a dozen teahouse hotel options,
little shops,
and, my favorite part-
German bakeries.

After a week of trekking,
it was nice to see some new faces,
and more of them.

The main highlight of Manang?
it was in this little part of the world that the fiance asked me to be his wife.
It was the perfect proposal.
post to come


Remember the road I mentioned they were building?
well, it will take tourists up to Manang,
and completely ruin this trek forever.
I'm am so thankful I was able to see it before man destroys it completely.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the benediktenwand

Thankfully, Mother Nature gave Bavaria the gift of sunny skies this weekend.
Weather here is pretty unpredictable-
and by pretty, I mean really.
the weather report changes every five minutes,

We decided to set our alarm for 6am,
(I was not thrilled about this, but I knew it had to be done)
and see what the weather was like when we woke up.
apparently, miracles do happen,
the sun was shining!
despite the early wake up call, we had to get out of bed,
and take advantage of the beautiful day.

we filled up our bottles with water,
and were out the door by 630am.
We stopped at the local bakery,
and picked up the essentials- croissants and pretzels.
the hike just could not be done without these two things-
oh, and the cheese I had already stored in my rucksack.
I may be learning German after all

The hike started out pretty easy.
We even had the option to follow the road up to the trailhead for Tutzinger Hutte, 
but, we tried to take side trails as much as possible. 
Estimated time to the hut was 3 hours,
and walking on a dirt road for that long was sure to get boring.

We hoped to make it to the top of  Benediktenwand as fast as possible.
although we woke up to nice weather,
we had no insurance that it would stay that way.
so, we trekked on,
trying to keep as fast a pace as possible.
At times, this was hard for me-
the wildflowers are in full bloom here in Bavaria,
just waiting to be photographed by my camera.
I was tempted to stop every ten seconds.

By 10am we made it to Tutzinger Hutte-
a hut sitting right at the base of Benediktenwand.
Huts like this are all over Germany,
most sell food and drink,
but in this particular case, travelers can even spend the night in a comfortable cabin.
more information, here.

We stopped for a coffee,
(3 euro each, I almost died- thankfully I wasn't paying)
glanced around at all the other hikers,
and discovered we were the only people drinking something other than beer.
I still don't understand this-
10am, hiking, and a beer?
but, I then remembered I was in Germany,
and, in this case, the fiance and I were the crazy ones.

We drank our coffee,
emptied our bladders,
and were on our way again.
Estimated time to the top was 90 minutes.

The hike from the hut to the top was not on a road,
but was technically easy
(as long as you don't mind a butt blasting incline)
and we made it to the top in just under 90 minutes.

Although clouds were covering the top of some of the highest peaks,
the view was stunning,
and I was so thrilled we decided to get out of bed,
climb up this little mountain,
and experience a little part of Bavaria few people know about.

We ate our pretzels with cheese,
and enjoyed the view.
Although the Alps are not as dramatic in size compared to the Himalayas,
they are gorgeous.

The hike down was a bit more challanging.
I fell several times,
I am not always graceful when I hike,
and the decline was fairly steep.

The fiance also noticed that he was getting blisters,
 since he was hiking in running shoes,
and not in his favorite hiking boots.
Understanding how miserable this can be,
(read part I of how I know this, here)
I suggested we hitchhike once we get to the road.
(I hate downhill hiking. HATE IT. so, I was pretty thrilled when he agreed)

This would be my first time hitchhiking,
and I was pretty excited about it.
Considering we were in Bavaria,
among other hikers and mountain men,
I didn't think it would take long to find a helpful, trusting driver.

I was right.

The first person to drive by stopped,
and offered to give us a lift,
in this...

Despite the less than ideal conditions of our ride,
we made it down in no time,
and saved our knees and toes from a pain I would happily avoid-
even if it meant playing horse for 20 minutes.

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Monday, June 25, 2012


The past twelve days with the fiance have come and gone.
And, like always, they went by too fast.
This time, instead of returning to India, he will be flying home to California.
Knowing that he is flying home makes his departure so much harder.

I have been missing home a lot lately-
friends, family and all things familiar.
I probably never would have moved to Germany if he hadn't moved to India to work.
(I would rather be with him, after all)
Although he will be returning to India eventually,
he has no idea when.
one week. two weeks. two months?
who knows.

This unknown is killing me.
(not just the unknown of when he'll be returning to India this time, but when we'll have a life together again)
I can only live day-by-day so much-
I am a person that needs a plan,
or, at the very least, a rough timeline of events.
I only have one life,
and I should spend it with the person I love,
as much as possible.
(our relationship is much stronger when we're together, vs. apart)

Unfortunately, I don't always get what I want.

so, today is a sad day for me.
and the upcoming weeks will not be easy.
I hoped it would get easier with time,
but it's only getting harder,
and harder,
and harder.

Home is where the heart is,
and right now,
I feel a little lost.

I am very thankful for one thing-
and that is travel.
At this point it is the only thing keeping me in Germany.
when I am in a new, completely foreign place, 
I know it's exactly where I am suppose to be-
even if this feeling lasts for just a moment.

*my apologizes for the depressing post. I try to keep things as light and happy as possible on this little space of mine, but, this is my blog, my memories, and my life.
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sayings

Life is all about decisions.
sometimes easy,
and other times, really really hard.

Sometimes, I find that I worry too much
(when making these decisions)
about with other people will think.
will they agree?
or disagree?
how will I be judged?

This is stupid.

Let's face it, we all have one life,
and we should do what makes us happy.
We should surround ourselves with people that make us happy.

Not all decisions we make will be right,
but, that is part of living, learning and growing.

I have some decisions to make coming up. 
not everyone will understand,
and not everyone will be happy.
but, I can't live my life for other people.
I can only live it for me.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday's Letters

Friday's Letters

Dear Fiance:  You have been in Germany for 9 days and you leave me on Monday. I'm not ready to say goodbye again. I don't know how many more goodbyes I have left in me before I hop in your suitcase and follow you to India or force you to move back to California.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Dear Germany: I love you for so many reasons- primarily the food (not surprising) and the Alps.  However, since arriving three months ago, I've learned how much I love the US, and actually miss it.  Too bad I can't be in two places at once, right?

Dear weather: please be sunny and clear this weekend!  The fiance and I would love some nice, clear weather for our hike tomorrow.  Also, if you could just extend this beautiful weather through to September, that would be awesome.  I would love to see Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Paris, and Scotland with sunny skies (yes, I have a few trips planned for the summer).

Dear J&A: You both are pretty amazing- especially when you're not fighting with each other. I am so lucky to see you both grow and learn little by little with each day that passes.  You make being here worth it- most the time.  Sometimes I can't help but laugh when one minute you act as the best birth control ever, and the next minute you make me wish I was about to pop one of my own out next week.

Dear Asia: I've missed you a lot lately.  Hopefully i'll get to visit sooner rather than later.

Dear food: only three more days until i'm back to eating only healthy fruits, veggies, granola and yogurt- with a few other exceptions.  It's too hard to avoid yummy chocolates and breads with the fiance here forcing me to give into your goodness.

Dear bed: I need to be in you right now.  


PS- I added a facebook "like" box in my sidebar.
no pressure.
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

one reason why I love Bavaria

This weekend, the fiance and I are climbing the Benediktenwand,
the mountain wall that my village is named after.
Although it is only 1801m high,
it will take approximately 8-10 hours to complete the 26km.

As long as we don't over-sleep
(I can't make any promises)
I will have some great panoramic shots for you all next week!

Either way, I need to get this tush of mine moving.
German food kills me-
it's that good.
sauerkraut, red cabbage, cheese, and pretzel.
I've died and gone to heaven.

This is one reason why I love Bavaria so much.
right in my back yard,
sits this beautiful rock waiting to be climbed.
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