Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Annapurna Trek, Nepal, Day 3- Past the City of Dust

Day 3:  Jagat to Dharapani

The moment I woke up, I knew I was getting sick.
body ache, chills, sore throat
it was coming, ready or not.

The fiance predicted it was allergies,
but, I knew better.
plus, I had never suffered from allergies in my entire life,
to just suddenly start? unlikely.

However, I pushed forward.
i'm such a trooper
I was not going to allow a simple cold stop me from seizing the day.

Day 3 was much like the previous-
still hot,
no snow capped mountains,
but, very lush and green.

It was beautiful.

Less than an hour into the day,
I had to stop.
my bag was too heavy.
(I really tried not to over pack. major fail)
the fiance offered to transfer some of the weight from my bag to his, 
and carry it the rest of the trip-
every single day.
He saved my feet, 
and my spirit to keep going.

The day started with a pretty steep ascent to the city of Tal.
The trail was narrow and long,
and just to our left the cliff dropped off into the raging river that flowed by.
One false step, and all would be over.
human life could not survive such an accident.

Once at the top,
we took a short tea break, 
and treated ourselves with a chocolaty Mars Bar.
The views of the valley and river below were stunning,
and the scale of these mountains and valleys are beyond anything I could have ever imagined.
(and, we hadn't even gotten to the good stuff yet!)

Our peaceful break was interrupted by a sudden BOOM! off in the distance.
Fear traveled through my entire body as I thought,
what the hell was that?
After the adrenaline wore off, and I was able to move again,
the fiance informed me that workers were bombing the side of the mountain up ahead to make way for the road that was being built.
I was terrified.
Once again, my irrational fear that the mountains would simply collapse on top of me reared its ugly head.
I did not want to go any further.

But, after some logical and positive self-talk,
my legs started to walk again, up the trail and into Tal.

The city of Tal was at one time filled by a beautiful lake.
Unfortunately, the lake no longer exists and has been replaced by sand.
Tal is now a sea of hot, choking dust.
The fiance and I walked through the town,
past trains of donkeys with bells fastened around their necks,
and wondered if we had been transported to a different planet.

We were finally approached by an old women offering lunch.
we decided to stop,
enjoy this city for what it was, 
and have a bit of food.

We said goodbye to Tal
and continued on.
meanwhile, the blasting continued for several more kilometers.

soon enough, we were out of the dust and sand,
and back to the lush green valleys I had fallen so in love with.
we were getting higher.
and I was getting more and more anxious to get my first view of mountains,
real mountains.

We slept the third night in Hotel the Seven.
Old and run down, 
it lacked the cleanliness and charm that the previous "hotel" had.
nevertheless, it was a place to sleep,
and I was happy.
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Jenna said...

Wow, the views are phenomenal - I just showed these pics to my boyfriend and told him we need to start saving :)


Laura said...

That's really incredible and such an adventure! I love how you did it anyways even though there were moments of fear and such...

Alex Butts said...

Did you hike all of this with that backpack you brought to Karlsruhe? Because if so you are officially the most hardcore person I know.

Alyx said...

Ditto what Alex said.
and tell me that you did not cross that bridge. It looks like something off an indiana jones movie... like it would break and you would be hanging on for dear life. I would probably break down in tears if I had to cross it.

marie said...

It's like you're living 'The Amazing Race'. What cool sights, thanks for sharing.

Kristin W said...

These pictures are STUNNING! I'm getting much closer to putting Nepal on my life list!!

Milynn luong said...

Amazing photos!! It looked like such a fun adventure! I have yet to get out of the country and explore different land. But I'm glad to be able to see through your eyes for now, hopefully I can make a trip some where as exotic!

Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

You are incredible for doing this trek and for doing it sick...well, you're superwoman! Love the pics!!!

Sweet Green Tangerine said...

I wish I was half as adventurous as you guys. Gorgeous photos!