Wednesday, April 18, 2012

some favorites for the day...

Hi friends!
It's been a while since I linked up for my favorite-
Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday.
I decided I needed to change that this week.

I have no theme for you today,
just a bunch of lovely things that were calling my name.

Hope each and every one of you is having a fabulous week!

I love pretty much everything in this picture.
sometimes, you just gotta do it
i'm learning a lot about this lately
insanity, I tell ya
these floors are incredible

how do I do this? love
I miss my babies
I have no words
now that i'm in Germany, I need this outfit
Indoor forts are my favorite! How awesome is this!?!?
the dog. and the dress.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
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Nikki said...

That camping from a cliff pin is NUTS. I would so try that!

Jenna said...

Indoor forts are DEFINITELY the best! That one is great, and it's so pretty that I feel like it would never need to be taken down :)


Allison Coomes said...

I like the backpacking picture the most! I think I'm going to link up on this one today-). FYI: I am a recently converted vegetarian (with the exception of fish) and I to am a peanut butter lover-). Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Susan said...

I love all of these! The kitten, the giant dog, the camping on the side of a cliff! Terrific!

Katrin said...

Awesome pictures!
I love the hair style!!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

I love that first image!!!! And the camping on a cliff....cannot even imagine!

Lesley @ my lively mind said...

i have the girl & dog pin on mine as well (:

love those floors. wow, i wish mine looked like that.

great pins!

Amy Dowell said...

I can't tell you how much I love this post! A girl after my own heart. I love that ring in the first picture and the Dr. Seuss pic is fantastic. My favorite book to read my kids. Thanks for sharing!

Carisa said...

stopping by from Vintage Apple! You have fab pins! I love them :) that dog is soooo adorable!

Tiffany said...

Love your finds, especially the Dr. Seuss one. That books, Oh the Places You'll Go!, is sitting on my shelf right behind me. It is a wonderful book about LIFE!

Amy Powell said...

fried eggs! oh yes. and love that polka dot dress!

Have a happy Wednesday! {I have a giveaway going on now, & would love for you to enter!}

Beverly said...

LOVE that indoors teepee!! I used to love making forts out of sheets... I need to re-live being young and build one now... I would definitely use creativity now that I see that one!

Anonymous said...

Oh I want an indoor fort!!! And that polka-dot dress!!!

Ben & Cassie said...

I want to live in that teepee, and have those floors put in the teepee and then invite in that caT!

Megan Card said...

Oh.My.Word. Those cliff climbers camping on the face of the cliff is insane! I don't think I could EVER do that. Great post!


-Meg from Eternally Significant

Megan C. Stroup said...

Great pins! I added a few to my own boards. :) That first one is absolutely amazing — I wish that was my life every day!!

Sienna said...

that teepee is REALLY cool

Shannon said...

I love the Dr. Seuss pic. Added to my Pinterest :)

Sara Louise said...

I have that very same outfit (the one with the blue checked shirt) pinned too! I love it, I need it! :)

Haley W. said...

Love those floors...and a good, fried egg sandwich. Mmmm.

"Camping" while hanging off the side of a mountain?! I'm speechless.

Cait said...

I love these pictures!! You have beautiful taste!

Anonymous said...

Those tents...NO WAY! I wouldn't sleep a wink! And, um, how do you pee!?


Sweet Green Tangerine said...

Oh my! That backpack & those campers!
Love it all :)
(i'm behind on my blog reading) lol