Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday

hey friends.
It's hump day. thank goodness!
this weekend could not come soon enough.

my plans?
well, unless the fiance says last minute that he will be flying to make a visit,
I will be visiting Alex from ifs, ands & butts.
there is a beer festival on Sunday in Stuttgart,
and then I will spend Monday and Tuesday in Heidelberg.
I am so excited to finally meet Alex.
after all, if it was not for her and her blog, who knows if I would even be in Germany right now.

Speaking of Germany-
the weather is out of control.
yesterday it snowed,
today I wore shorts running.
I can't keep up.

since today is Wednesday,
I am linking up for Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday.
here are some of this weeks favorites...

the perfect messy pony.
I want this right now.
yes please
this is pretty much 100% true.
sweet sleeves
coffee. enough said.
gorgeous photo.
tiny human.

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Shauna said...

Love that Eiffel Tower picture! So perfect. Have a fun time in Germany!

Happy Wednesday.

Tiffany @ Blabbering Thoughts said...

Definitely giggling over the your e cards.. Those are so dang funny.

Jenna said...

I love that salad in a jar, I'm totally going to try it although I'm sure mine won't turn out that pretty :)

The pic of the Eiffel tower is stunning!


Anonymous said...

I want some coffee now... LOL!

Alyx said...

So jealous that you get to meet Alex!! I'm sure you guys will have a blast!!

dreaming en francais said...

How cute are those last two photos! Also love the messy ponytail, still trying to perfect it! xo

Miki @ Becoming What I Always Was said...

Those are some great pins! I love the messy pony tail, but they always look so silly on me!

Alex said...

hahaha LOVE the wine bit. So so true.

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I love that quote about how a man treats his inferiors... so good!

I can't believe the weather - that is crazy! I hope Germany is wonderful otherwise... love seeing your Kathmandu post & all the pictures you've taken since you've been there! Amazing!

Miranda said...

that coffee looks delicious! have fun meeting Alex and your weekend plans!

English Anderson said...

Oh, I love Heidelberg! So pretty there. Hope you enjoy your awesome German weekend! And hope the weather cheers up a bit for us as well!


Kati - Incorporating Color said...

I love those ecards. So true... :)

Nora said...

Hahahaha on that first card. so funny. I can relate to that- a lot. Should I worry about that?!
Also love the black dress. Beautiful!
xx Nora

Kelly Ann said...

I'm diggin' the pony and the kids pictures (I'm a sucker for little humans and cute photos!) hope you're having fun in Germany!

Kelly from Kelly was here

Clancy said...

i love the wine saying!! actually made me lol. and the coffee. oh my. yum :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Rebecca said...

MmmMMmm coffee!

Kyoo said...

Just found your blog and all of your pictures are gorgeous! Can't wait to finish reading about all your travels! So cool.

Stephanie said...

Sirius Black is a misunderstood genius and that coffee photo is gorgeous!

Happy almost-Friday! :)

marie said...

I needed a good laugh this morning, those quotes are awesome!

The Adventurer said...

STOP IT! You and Alex are going to frolic around Europe? I am jealous. Have the best time ever!

Anonymous said...

I love Pinterest! I'm such an addict! I have 157 boards!!!