Monday, March 5, 2012

Spain- Granada and Madrid

After our night in Segovia,
the fiance and I packed our bags and headed to Granada.

To be honest, we were both the most excited about Granada.
To me, it was a little-big city.
The perfect size.

After a pleasant train ride and 5 hour long bus trip, 
we arrived in Granada.

It was late in the evening,
so first thing on our list was to find a place to stay.
We found a charming little hotel owned by the sweetest little old lady in the perfect location.

One thing I quickly learned while in Spain was that it is very different from the US in terms of night life.
People start going out for dinner at 10 pm,
and don't even think about going out to clubs or bars until well after midnight.

I also learned that tapas are amazing.
like really amazing.
The meats are fantastic.
And overall, people seem to be less stressed.

We spent four nights in Granada.
We ate. 
Wandered the streets.
Visited the Alhambra.
Ate some more.
And sipped on lots and lots of coffee.

I never wanted to leave.

umm, best lunch EVER!

I could go on and on about how amazing the Alhambra is-
but, unless you see it for yourself, you'll never really understand.
It is, honestly, mind-boggling.

We spent our last two nights in Madrid.
I will admit, I didn't really take any photos.
Madrid is big and didn't have the charm that makes me snap away on my camera.

Plus, we spent an entire day at the Del Prado museum-
which was pretty amazing.
Although, it's the only "big" museum I've ever been to, so I had little to compare.

After ten beautiful days in the land of jamon and tapas,
we headed home.

I was sad to say goodbye,
but I knew that my time in Europe had only just started.

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Stephanie said...

I am completely convinced that you are the cause of my severe wanderlust lately. : )

Lovely pictures!

ginanorma said...

HOW incredible, I love your shots, and UM yes, best looking lunch ever!

Isn't europe hard to leave? Oh man, so so hard! I hope you get back someday not too far away!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

sooo pretty! Love all of your pictures... now you're making me crave spain! I am with you on the "big" little cities - perfect amount of culture and excitement!

Jenna said...

I also found it so strange that the Spanish only sit down for dinner at around 10 - but thought it was kind of cool in a way :)

Again, your pictures are gorgeous - they make me want to hop on a plane right now!


Mo (New on U) said...

You really take beautiful photos! I can't wait to get to Spain one day!

Messy Jess C. said...

What amazing photos and what a lovely blog! I am so excited to follow along and look forward to reading more great posts. Happy Monday Bailey!


Susan said...

Absolutely beautiful! When were you there? I have only been to Barcelona, Spain - but I would love to venture around the rest of the country sometime! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures! Maybe I will have to do the same for some of my past adventures... hmmm... :)

Cami said...

Sigh. your photos are SO breathtaking!!!!

Lay said...

WOW your photos are gorgeous! Never realized how beautiful it is there! I totally understand why you didn't want to leave! Beauty!

Mindy Harris said...

positively amazing.
i need to get out more.
i follow your blog now--too cute not to.
xo from kansas.
where there's not much to look at, culturally. :)

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Your photos are amazing! I'm not sure if I would survivie...My bedtime is 10...tops! Haha!

The only city in Spain that I have been to is Madrid...your photos make me want to go back and explore the rest of the country! So beautiful!

E said...

Gorgeous photos!
And yea, the nightlife was a surprise to me, too, at a mere 19 years old when I was there! We were out so late, and started coming home when the bakeries were opening up in the morning and the sun was coming up. It was quite the experience!

My Soul is the Sky said...

ahhh! I can't believe you're in Spain! You are such a lucky girl. It looks like a gorgeous place :)

alex butts said...

Ah this makes me realize how much more I need to explore Spain than just barely stepping in with Barcelona

Cerys :) said...

It looks gorgeous there
<3 :D

Meghan G said...

This looks amazing. Great pictures.

You have been nominated on my blog for great blog.
Pop on over and take a look

Malou Morgan said...

Love these photos of Spain! If only it was as sunny here in Amsterdam...

Just stumbled across your cute blog and I'm your newest follower! xxx

Stephanie said...

I remember that about Spain, too! When we first got to Madrid, we didn't go out for dinner until after 10pm, not by choice but because we just got in so late. We were both worried there wouldn't be any restaurants open but, man, were we wrong. We had a hard time even finding an open table!

Mrs Bridget Jones said...

Hi, unfortunatly banana mocha from McDonalds is probably available only in Poland :-) and it's not as good as it sounds. Best wishes from PL :-)

toi said...

GRANADA is amazing and Alhambra is a beautiful 'city' within a city :).

stopping by from Rolex

English Anderson said...

Grenada is by far my favorite city in Spain. I love the architecture, I love the people, and I love how they squeeze the markets into the tiny little alleys and you have to push and shove to get anywhere. Most of all, I love the good and drinks!! Glad you had the amazing opportunity to take this trip!


Anonymous said...

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