Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dog people

The fiance and I have always been dog people.
We love dogs.
In fact, the bigger the dog, the better.
Little dogs? Not here.

Every Birthday and Christmas since I was born I have asked for a puppy.
I moved a lot as a kid, 
and a puppy would have been permanent friend.
I would have always had a buddy to chat with.

Well, I am 25-years-old, and I still have no puppy.
I know I will have my pack of drooling friends one day.
But, for now, I have to stay patient.

Ironically, I am surrounded by cats.
Thankfully, my two fur babies have done a pretty good job of converting me and the fiance into "those crazy cat people".
After all, they act more like dogs than cats half the time.

We are also surrounded by the neighborhood stray kitties,
who have taken up residence all around our house and patrol our backyard.
I have considered taking them in and making them part of our little family.
(the fiance doesn't know this- although, I guess he knows now)

Moose and Frankenstein would love some new friends.

Until the lucky day comes,
when I get to go to a shelter,
and pick up my newest baby,
my feline children will have to do.
And, that's ok with me.
They bring so much joy to my life every single day.

I just wish I could take them out on a run with me...

Are you a cat or a dog person?

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Bree said...

I'm with ya on 'the bigger the better'! But, right now I have small one, mostly because of my very small apartment. But, when the time comes, I've got a list of about 5 giant breeds that I love and I'll have to pick between. What I'm not looking forward to? A shedding pet!! Luckily, my little girl right now doesn't shed.

lo @ crazy ever after said...

I was always a big dog person. Until I got Apple. And she maxes out at 10lbs. And her lanky, long legged brother, Bobo is only around 9 lbs. So I am now a small dig person. Go figure, right??

Jes said...

i am probably the biggest dog person you will ever come across! i am that person that always has to stop and say hi to everyone's dogs. i have a yorkie that is 10 pounds but he thinks he's a rottweiler so he's not really a small dog...

hopefully you get the biggest dog you can think of one day!

xx jes

Ben & Cassie said...

OMG I want a puppy so bad, it is so hard to find apts. that allow pets though...we thought about sneaking a cat in...they're so quiet. Great pictures!

Ophelia said...

definitely a dog person!! i have a weenie dog and he is the best company ever, he makes me laugh all the time. I'm totally the crazy dog lady.

Jenna said...

I'm also a dog person and so is my boyfriend, I've never had a cat because my mom was allergic. I have a yellow lab back in California and I tell Jurgen every day that the best surprise he could ever give me is flying her out to South Africa.

Dogs really are best friends :)


Meghan G said...

I am a total dog person. My husband and I have been seriously talking about getting a dog ourselves. I would be so happy, but then I feel like I would need to quit working and be a stay at home mom. I don't want to leave my dog for 8 hours straight. LOL

Julie said...

I love cats (and dogs equally)! They never fail to make me laugh with their little attitudes. My cat always has to act so cool and aloof, but he plays with his toys in secret when he thinks nobody can hear or see him. He really does bring me so much joy too!
Your cats are adorable, by the way :)

Brooklyn said...

But you love Salvador's small furry self, right?! Hahaha! :) Definitely a dog person!

Ryan said...

Your cat is GORGEOUS! (And so are the pictures!) We're technically dog people, but I also love cats. If my otherwise perfect husband would get on board, I'd definitely have a cat. :)

(Also, I'm hosting my first link-up party - would love for you to join in on the fun!

Alex Butts said...

Dog all the way. Lot sof my friends have gotten cats since they've moved into apartments and think they can turn me into liking cats. I don't even think I'll give them tht chance. Plus, I'm allergic :(

Corey @ Learning Patience said...

Im a huge dog lover but no dogs here...we travel too much! One day day!

xoxo from Trinidad

Jamie said...

I've never really understood why you had to be either a dog or cat person - both are great.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I have three dogs, and they are a huge part of our lives. I do like cats too, but can't imagine my life without my pups in them.

Your kitties are beautiful.


ginanorma said...

WHAT sweeties and great great pics!!! I hope you get your doggie one day!

kimberly @ lush lounge said...

I am a cat person, but I just got my very first puppy yesterday! I'm so happy she is the sweetest thing on earth!

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