Sunday, February 19, 2012

miracles really do happen.

My fiance hates most television.
Especially the mind numbing kind- 
you know, my favorite.

You can imagine my surprise when he actually liked this show...

Yes, my documentary-loving fiance actually enjoys 2 Broke Girls.

I started watching this series after he left for India.
Never in a million years did I think he would sit and watch the stupidity of this show.
But he has, and it's been good.

Does anyone else like this snow?
It's one of my new favorites!

Anyway, I can't believe it's already Sunday and more than half way through February.
As I'm getting older, time is passing much faster than I would like it to.

The fiance is snowboarding today (i'm not ready to go back quite yet),
so, i'll be grabbing some dinner with a friend later tonight.
Girls time is long over-due.

Also, I decided last night to run a half marathon in 3 weeks...

Since my friend is crazy busy, and well, i'm not,
she asked if I would run it.

At first, I said no.
Although this is not my first race, and I run all the time, I am NOT in shape to run 13.1 miles in 3 weeks.
But, I decided I would try.

So friends, I have less than 3 weeks.
Today, I will be tackling 8 miles.
Next weekend, 9-10 miles, and shorter runs throughout the week.

We'll see how it goes.
Any music suggestions?  Fast and up-beat is my favorite!

Hope all of you are having a great weekend!
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Elisha(: said...

I love that show!!

Sunshine77 said...

Love the title of your post today. :) It's true - miracles happen every day. Good luck training for your half. I wish I could recommend good music but always seem to be on the hunt for it myself. Itunes has a decent mix - Kara Goucher's endurance run. It probably won't carry you through 13.1 miles but might get you started. Have fun!

Alex Butts said...

whoa 3 weeks - you go girl! I wish I would just decide that and work for it and go. Nope, sitting at my comp blogging/reading blogs instead.

Heather said...

That show is the best, definitely perks up my Monday nights!


Courtney B said...

Never heard of that show! I'm going to have to start watching it!
Good luck with your race! Just be careful with your running leading up to the race, don't over do it! I trained for a 10k WAY too fast and I injured my knee :(
I have tons of songs that are great for running... email me if you want some suggestions!
So happy I found your cute blog today!

Julz Perri said...

LOVE 2 Broke Girls :) perhaps I'll have luck getting my fella to watch it, he seems to be along the same lines as your bloke. Documentary lovin' and mind-numbing show despising... definitely have to let him see it now you've had some positive results!

Love the blog!
Julz xx

Brooke said...

Good luck on the marathon! What a huge accomplishment!

Rebecca said...

I love revenge and happy endings =]

bailey j said...

I am a huge Kat Dennings fan and I think that show is hilarious. :)

You are a machine btw.. trainin for that race in 3 weeks. I'd need 3 years.

Miranda said...

surprisingly both my husband & i love this show too! we always watch it together!

Jenna said...

I've never seen this show, but it must be good if it's made by the same producers of Sex and the City :) I'm a little bit out of the loop on the times when series are on in SA, but I'm sure if I did a bit of research I could find it!

Good luck training for the 1/2 - I'm sure you'll do great!


marie said...

I am partial to 'The Bachelor', my husband is never around when I watch it, he of course can't stand it.

As far as music I love Rhianna, all her stuff is great.

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I have never seen this show, but loved Sex and The City! I think I need to catch a few episodes!

Shaylynn... Bloggin Fool. said...

Dude! Good freakin luck running that! I know you will do great, but I am not a runner. I'm a sit in my car and pretend i'm working out kind of girl.

I've never watched it, perhaps I shall.. I watch a bunch of dramas so I feel better about my own life;)

Sara Louise said...

My husband LOVES 2 Broke Girls! I really can't explain how happy that makes me :)

kimberly rae said...

ohman, i watched that show once and couldn't get into it. maybe because i live in nyc?

in other news, GO YOU for running a half marathon in less than 3 weeks! i've done two but never trained properly for either. i want to do the disney princess half! my music recommendation is to download : GIRL TALK - 52 minutes of music mashup! you can download for free i think if you google him/go to illegal art? something like that! hope it helps!

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