Sunday, February 26, 2012

February Spotlight II and a word on March swapping...

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Today I am featuring the rest of my amazing February sponsors!
Take a gander and head over to their blogs!


5 fun facts about Lish-
1. I can wiggle my right ear without moving any facial feature.
2. I am deathly afraid of snakes!
3. I'm a Pisces.
4. My husband and I have been married for 8.5 years...I still can not believe that time has flown by so fast!
5. My body rejects all piercings.



5 fun facts about Andrea-
1. I'm an avid outdoors woman. I bowhunt & fly fish & love spending time outdoors & experiencing hunting with my husband!
2. I have to sleep with my brown fuzzy blanket every night.  Seriously, can't fall asleep without it.  Yes, I'm in my 20's & I have a blankie... You know you're jealous! 
3. I love the smell of old books. There's just something about it... I can't explain why! 
4. I'm a huge list maker... For everything. But if it gets messy or I make a mistake, I HAVE to start the list over, or it will drive me crazy! 
5. I love planning & organizing things, which was really helpful when I planned my wedding, this past September!



5 fun facts about Kathleen-

1. Every single time The Mummy (the movie with Brendan Frasier) comes on TV I watch it.  NO idea why.
2.  You can find me at Target every Thursday. (That's pay day and I just can't stay away.)
3.  I read romance novels.
4.  I still wear my retainer to bed at night. (I swear when I don't where it my teeth feel/look like they have moved)
5.  I have never been in love and am so excited for it to actually happen one day.



5 fun facts about Nicole-
1. I can't relax if the house is messy.
2. My alarm clock has to be set on an odd number or my whole day feels off.
3. Lime flavored popsicles are my favorite.
4. I'm an undiagnosed hypochondriac- keep me away from Web M.D.
5. I have an obsession with nail polish- but I bite my nails.



5 fun facts about Miranda-
1) I use movie/TV quotes in everyday conversations
2) I am terrified of car washes
3) Jeopardy is my way of learning information
4) I am a horrible person to watch TV or go to the movies with because I am constantly making comments
5) I love the German language (I studied abroad in Germany) but it doesn't like me



5 fun facts about Leney-
1. If I don't knit for a few days I start to have withdrawals
2. I have 4 different copies of Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. My favorite is a vintage hardback set from the 1940's with beautiful color illustrations.
3. When I was little I was a model in a children's clothing magazine.
4. I own 16 different cameras
5. I eat pizza Lunchables on a regular basis.



5 fun facts about Alex-
1) I'm a bit tipsy from Fasching right now.
2) My favorite food group is sauces: salsa, curry, bbq, etc.
3) Yo quiero Taco Bell.
4) Seafoam is my favorite color.
5) For a girl, I am obnoxiously into (American) football.


Finally, a word on MARCH SWAPPING:

March is going to be crazy busy for me- like, insane.
If you are interested in keeping up your button, please let me know.

If you would like to swap buttons with me, 
please send me a 250x100 button asap in HTML format.

I will not have the time to re-size.
Also, I may not have the time to do a spotlight post.

Come April, I am hoping to be a little less busy...

I apologize ahead of time.

If you have any questions, please email me at,
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Kathleen said...

Yay! Thanks so much Bailey! :) Hope you had a great weekend!

Mrs. T said...

I'm interested in staying!

Britt said...

I'm interested in staying!

Krista Lynn said...

Hey Girl, I'm interested in staying! I hope you rest up before the crazy starts!Best of luck =)

Miranda said...

totally wouldn't mind staying :)

marie said...

Looks like you got yourself a good group of interesting girl friends.

Inside The Mind Of Nicole said...

Thank you for your comments and stopping by my blog!! I really appreciate it!!!

I'm now a new follower of yours! ♥

Nicole from

Alex Butts said...

I should really stop responding to emails after drinking. Apologies.

Alex Butts said...

And definitely interested in another month if you are :)

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