Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wanna Swap in February?

Hey Everyone!

I am now accepting new sponsor swappers for the month of February!
Since it is FREE, I do ask that we please swap sponsorship.

I will be posting your button on my blog on February 1st.

All I need from you is an email with the following:
--Your name (duh)
--Your blog URL address
--A 250x100 button (I like my buttons to be the same size)- please, send it to me in HTML format.  If you are unsure on how to do this, I will be happy to help.
--I need your button no later than January 29th.  Please send me an email with your other information as soon as possible.

I will also be doing a spotlight post featuring you and your blog!
I will be sending out an email with more information at a later date.

I am also open to a limited number of guest posts.
If you are interested, please include in the email what you would like to guest post about and when.
I cannot guarantee at this time that your guest post will be posted in February- but, I will do my best.

For my January Sponsors:
If you would like me to keep your button up for February, PLEASE let me know.  
I will also need your new button.

For those interested, I am excited to work with you!
Please send me an email at,

If you have any additional questions, suggestions, or ideas, please let me know!

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Daisy said...

This sounds like fun! I would like to be a sponsor :)

Mama and her boys said...

As soon as I figure out how to make a button I will totally button swap with you! :)

chelsea said...

if i knew how to sponsor you on my blog i'd so be in. regardless i love your posts and will be following.

Andrea said...

I'd like to stay in! Thanks Bailey! = )

Andrea @ Love is...

nichole quigley said...

I am doing something like this as well in February!!! I need to get a button made, but I would be interested in swapping! =)

Love your site, I'm following you now =)

Oh and the 4 main taste buds are: sweet, bitter, sour, salty..the 5th one is "savory flavors"?

Shane said...

I'd love to stick around, I'll be keeping yours up :)

Miranda said...

i would love to swap as well! but i haven't sent you an email yet :) let me know what you think :)

Bailey Schneider said...

YAY!!! PLEASE keep my button on for February - it's my birthday month
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Mrs. T said...

i want to keep my button up! and i'll email you a new one!

Alex Butts said...

heck yes! just sent you an email

Kristin said...

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello! I was wondering if you still had some open slots. I have never done a swap and would love to start!

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