Saturday, January 14, 2012

Setting some goals...


Happy Saturday morning to all of you out there!  
My morning started early- 7am kind of early- to get my car looked at.  New battery installed, I'm now back in bed debating about if I should go back to sleep. 

In the mean time, I've decided to make a list of my goals for this week.
You know, set up a schedule for myself.

Here we go:

Brain stimulation:
-- I start class this week, The History of Film.  The last general education course I will ever take so that I can finally receive my hard-earned diploma.  
--Read at least one hour each day...  Bailey (yes, i'm speaking to myself)- just do it. No excuses.
--Actually attend class- no skipping (this is a big one!).

 Now, I just have to make it important.  via

Sunday: Horseback riding, 30 minutes each- bike/elliptical/running
Monday: 30 minutes each- bike/elliptical/running, minimum. OR, try the R.I.P.P.E.D. class at 24 hour fitness plus, 30 minutes cardio.
Tuesday: Horseback riding, bodypump class
Wednesday: Horseback riding, 90 minutes mixed cardio
Thursday: Horseback riding, Cycling class
Friday: Zumba and 60 minutes mixed cardio
Saturday: 90 minutes mixed cardio

(and yes, horseback riding is exercise.  It requires a ton of energy to control a 1500 pound animal)

INTENSE!  I would never want to jump anything this big! via

--If I manage to keep up my exercise goals, than I will eat whatever I want.
--Otherwise, limit of one dessert per night.

So, there we go.  My goals for this week.

I am making this list to hopefully give myself some motivation to actually get out and be more active.  I honestly love a great workout- almost as much as laying around all day- however, sometimes a girl needs a little push.

As for the rest of my time?
I'll be blogging and watching mindless television.  Duh!

I hope all of you have a great weekend!
Remember!  I'm starting up my Sunday Sayings link-up again tomorrow!
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Elisabeth said...

love this idea of setting goals for yourself each week :)

Anonymous said...

history of film sounds super interesting!

DM said...

this goals are great, i must exercise as well :(

Kristin said...

sounds like we had a similar morning, except I was getting new brakes :x

Emily said...

This are some lofty and admirable goals! I could use a little less mindless TV in my life, too. I always have it on as background noise, but it's so pointless!

Are you building in any rest days for your workouts? I think the best way to keep up resolutions is to avoid going out super strong and burning out.

Polly Bland said...

the history of film! that sounds SO fun. I've always wanted to take that class but never manage to have the time. Maybe I will be able to squeeze it in. good luck with your goals! :D

love, polly

Nicole said...


even I'm dreading your Wednesday workout ;)

Janna Renee said...

See my problem is that when I exercise, I.can't.stop.eating. I am insatiable. I know that they say that it gets better, but I can't ever get past that point. I eat great, so I just do that and stay active. I wanna ride horses too!!

*Sparkles* said...

I love that - you reward yourself for meeting your goals! I do the same.. if I'm good and get to the gym I can have that piece of French Baguette I've been craving! if not? VEGGIES ONLY! lol keeps me accountable :)

jessica said...

you know you've had a good ride when both you and your horse are sore the next day :)

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