Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! 

Best part of today?
The fiance will be home in just two short weeks (that actually seems like forever). 

Worst part of today?
I start class, 6-9pm. ugh.

Anyway, It's also time for Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday.

Since I made most of you dizzy with all the spiraling staircases last week, I thought I would find something a little easier on the eyes for this week.

So, I chose ballet.

I always dreamed of being a ballerina- not just as a little girl, but all throughout high school.
I danced when I was little...quit...and started it back up again in 7th grade.
I stopped again when I went to college, and haven't really danced since.

Even though I wasn't very good,  I miss it.

There is something about ballet that I can't put it into words...


Ballet tugs at my heart strings every time I see a dancer or hear a beautiful song.
I still wish I was a ballerina.

However, I am saddened by the pressure put on professional dancers.
The focus on the body.
It's too much- I don't know how any of them do it.

Their dedication to this art makes me appreciate each and every dancer a little more-


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I hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday!
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Sandra said...

My niece is a sophomore in high school and just got the lead for the recital this summer! It's so exciting!

Messy said...

ahhhh...I spend hours on pinterest looking at the dance pictures. I'm a dance teacher myself and remember the days when I could do those moves and poses :) I adore everything to do with dance. :) Excellent choice BALLET! (but the toes one made me cringe cause I could feel my toes ache - I've had those feet, many many times)

lsaz said...

I LOVE your pins!! I wish I had been a dancer. You're right, there is so much behind it. I really love these :)


Bethany said...

OMGahhhhhhhh! Bailey!! I was in ballet at the academy my whole life.. until college. I adore all things ballet. I even told Shawn that if we have a girl I want to do a wall of mirrors with a ballet barre. :))))

Are you sure we aren't twins?

rkjalernpan said...

I love the ballet shots, especially of the on point shoes. (or whatever they are officially called) I never thought about doing a theme for Pintrest. Good idea!

Lisa said...

I love this post and love the photos - my daughter is a dancer and I have an entire board dedicated to ballet stuff too. I may have to repin a couple of yours!

Meghan Goheen said...

So pretty. I don't think I could get my body to do any of those things. It hurts just looking at it.
I spend many days pinning, but my pinning always leads to me searching for food. I tell ya pinterest is making me fat :)

Mama and her boys said...

I did ballet for a good part of my life and I am actually going to a class this Sunday. It will be my first ballet class in 10 years.

marie said...

I never took ballet but definitely have an appreciation for the hard work and dedication it takes.

It does sadden me though how eating disorders are so rampant among ballerinas. I would never have my daughters do ballet for a long period of time (each girl took a session at our rec center) because I think it leads to obsessive behavior if you're not careful.

They have taken hip hop, I liked that class a lot better.

ginanorma said...

This post hit home for me, because my 17 year old is a Pointe dancer, and she's incredible! I have some posts about it. Her feet don't look quite that bad because it's not her life as she's in High School, but I love these pictures you picked out, just beautiful!!!! and they do sacrifice, my daughter says every time before she goes on stage how painful it is, but she goes out and gives her best anyway...
thanks for the sweet post!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Beautiful! These pictures make me miss ballet so much. I went to college for ballet but decided to switch my major my sophomore year. I really want to go and take a ballet class! I wonder if I still have it in me?

Erinn said...

I am a dancer and have been since I was 3! i was never much of a ballerina but there is something so magical about ballet as an art form. It is such a huge passion in my life...these pins totally speak to my heart :)

Katherine Krieg said...

love all these gorgeous shots. thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I adore ballet! I've done it as a little girl and did a semester last year at NKU. I'm moving this year & I'm hoping once I get settled to get back into the swing of things, & go to some more classes & do it for fun, not competition. It's seriously so much fun, for me. Hardcore, but fun.

Sarah said...

Oh ballet, those were the days. Great pins!

Shannon said...

Ballet is so beautiful and brutal! Gorgeous picture selections!

Ashlyn said...

great pins pretty girl.
i did ballet when i was younger.
these def bring back memories.

Happy Wednesday
xoxo ashlyn

Angela said...

Beautiful ballet photos!

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Lay said...

I used to dance as well (for 10 years) but had to quit due to repeatedly re-injuring my knee. I kept ignoring my doctor until one day he sat me down and told me if I continued, I would do permanent damage and have to get a knee replacement at an early age - no thanks!!

Anyway, Im the same way... if I watch dancers I get nostalgic and makes me miss it like crazy!

Makay said...

Oh dance- how beautiful you are...
I love you so.
Wonderful post!
Stop by a follow.

Elisha(: said...

i love ballet! (:

i love your headerr!! now following you :) follow me back??

Brissa said...

ballerinas are so graceful. i'm in love with all those pictures.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i grew up taking the less graceful, tap dance class. it was always funny follwing the fluid ballerinas on stage. we'd all come flying out, clanging our shoes awkwardly and smiling those HUGE cheesy smiles.

Steff said...

I love all these pictures!

As a kid I always wished I could take dance classes. I would watch movies and just dance around the living room, even as a teenager! I'm definitely not coordinated or flexible enough, but it would still be so fun!

Liz Brown said...

Ballet looks HARD. I couldn't.

Following ya! :)

Jen said...

What a beautiful art dancing is! I don't have the body or the passion for it - and I'd be too much of a wimp when it comes to the pain (those poor feet!), but I really admire it.

Great pins! :)

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