Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Year...

It's officially 2012.

I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what this means for me quite yet.

I do know this: the Holidays are officially over.


I haven't done resolutions for a couple years because I feel that they set me up for failure. Instead, I like to set up a few practical and obtainable goals.

1.  Read at least 1-2 books per month. 
 I really love to read, so it's a little strange that I don't read more often. This needs to change.

2.  Call my siblings more often.  I don't talk to them enough and I miss them.

3.  Get a job.
And hopefully one that doesn't make me feel like this again,

4.  Be honest with myself.  Love me for me.

5.  Get to know all of my blogging friends better!
And, if all goes well, maybe even set up a blogger met-up for Northern CA!

And, just out of curiosity, is anyone else terrified that the world is ending?  Or is it just me?
I've kinda been dreading 2012 since I found out about this little prediction.

I hope all of you have a healthy, happy and safe New Year!


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lauren @ crazy ever after said...

Thanks for having me, lady! Glad to be on board with such a fun gal such as yourself. And thank you for being one of my 13 Twitter followers too. I love your (s)tweet nothings. ;)

Britt said...

Your goals are great! I need to read more, too.
And, no, you are not the only one terrified of the world ending. I am! And my parents think I'm ridiculous for it.

p.V.e said...

I need to set some my goals for myself this year as well! Usually I don't for the same reason you don't!

Jussie De Guida said...

I'm so glad we've swapped! Good way to start off 2012 right? I feel the same way, as I love to read and I NEVER read as much as I should. I'm lucky if I read 6 or so books in 2011. I let everything get in the way of reading, and it's a shame because it's some great personal time. I sharing this aspiration in 2012 with you.

Jussie De Guida said...

Yes! Let's do it, that would be so fun. Plus it will leave us no excuse but to read, read, read.

marie said...

I think those are great attainable goals, and I love the quote on the foot. Happy New Year to You!

Alyx said...

Love your goals!
As far as the world ending.... Eh, who knows!? All I know is that if it does... I better be happy with where I am and what I'm doing. I'd hate for it to end tomorrow and me be miserable!

amanda said...

I agree with these!!!

2012 is going to be a good year, I can feel it!


Jamie said...

Love your goals. Especially 3 & 4. Cheers to 2012!

Carlie said...

Those are some great goals! I love reading books too! Happy New Year to you too!

Foster said...

I am right there with the goals this year. I am going to make ones that I can actually get done and not settle myself up for failure.

I do loveeeeee your last goal of getting to know your blog friends. You should go ahead and put me on the list. Its to bad, that I am across the country from you in NC.

Happy New Year.

P.S. Your blog is awesome.

Alyssa said...

I love to read too but I hardly ever do it! I got four new books for Christmas and I think I'm gonna start on at least one today!

Emily said...

I used to be afraid of the world ending this year! But then I realized that if it does, I won't have to pay back my student loans, and that's more of a relief than anything!

Happy New Year!

Jamie said...

Great list! Reading a couple books a month is also on my list, I love reading but lacked the motivation to pick up any books last year, so I gotta make up for it this year :)

And a blogger meet up in nor cal sounds great!

Candace Stevenson said...

luhh dissss. haha and that first picture is my favorite :)
Lovely Little Rants

Mrs. T said...

I really need to call my brother more too!!

Allie said...

I definitely need to read more! Love all these resolutions!

And I am definitely freaking out about the whole world ending thing but I believe that none of us know the actual time.

Anna said...

Happy New Year! I really love your new year goals. :)

Copper Garden said...

I love this post, I took it for my own blog - its going up as we speak :)


K said...

Great goals! If you're looking for book suggestions, I just finished The Millenium Triology by Stieg Larsson (i.e. the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books)-they are good writing but definitely be prepared for some violence - and One Day by David Nichols(same title as the movie). Also for Christmas my mom got a book all about Downton; it has behind the scenes, historical basis for the show, etc. - definitely recommend it :)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

The whole 2012 thing is really, really freaky... I think it's a myth though. We can't live in fear!

2011 was the year I finally began meeting other bloggers and I fell in love with blogger meet ups! I seriously cannot wait to go on more in 2012!

brittany said...

love your goals! i skipped the resolution thing this year, too, and jumped on board with the "one word" challenge. my word for 2012 is BOLD. i can't wait to see where it leads me!

happy new year!

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