Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When Hollywood Should Just Leave It Alone...

You know the trilogy "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo"?

(If you answered no, go to the book store and pick up all three books right now.  You'll thank me later.)

Anyway, those of you that know what i'm talking about probably know that the Hollywood version of Girl with a Dragon Tattoo is coming out in theaters this month.

I am a fan of the entire trilogy, but i'm an equal fan of the Swedish films released almost two years ago.

I don't know about you guys, but I am lover of foreign films.  So much, that if given the choice, I would watch a foreign film over a Hollywood film 90% of the time.


Well, in many cases (emphasis, many. not all) the actors look like normal people.  You know, people like you and me.  Don't get me wrong, I love me some eye candy too, but all the time? No thanks.

Sometimes, I like to see some wrinkles too.  So I feel better about aging naturally.  You know?

I will admit.  Maybe the actor below on the left is the Swedish version of Daniel Craig, in hotness and good looks, in which case my point is completely invalid (sorta).   I just get tired of seeing amazingly good looking people all the time.  Because really, good looks does not make up for bad acting.

Image left.   Image right.

I also prefer many foreign films over Hollywood films because they are just better overall.  The fluff that Hollywood throws in isn't there.  Foreign films, in my opinion, focus on the story and the quality of the acting.   Two very important parts to a successful film.

Don't get me wrong.  I do love many Hollywood made films.  Sometimes, I just really don't want to have to read or in the case of funny movies, reading humor doesn't always work.

But, overall, I usually walk away from more foreign films still thinking about what I just watched.  I don't get the very often from Hollywood.

So, I may sit this one out Hollywood.  Hope it works out though!

Image left.   Image right.

What do you guys think?
Have any of you seen the Swedish Men Who Hate Women?
Will you be seeing the Hollywood Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?

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Alyssa said...

Honestly, I haven't even heard about these books/movies until I heard about the Hollywood version a few weeks ago!

Anna Walker said...

I know that they're super popular, but I don't get the appeal! I think that they have too much action in them for me! Hope that if you go see the Hollywood version, that you like it! If not...just remember it *is* Hollywood! :)

K said...

I've been debating this one and I think I'll have to see the Swedish version (though maybe not before I see the American remake). I still have one more book to read in the series and can't wait to see how it ends. I'm kindof surprised that they were even able to make these into movies :) do you have a favorite?

Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

I've seen all of the Swedish versions (Netflix has them on "Watch Instantly"). I thought they were very true to the books. I'll still probably see the Hollywood versions, but I'm not expecting them to be as good and I'm also not expecting them to stay true to the book.

Ashley said...

I have only read the first book and half of the second but I'm loving it... I need to get back on that. I saw the first Swedish movie and loved it but I think I will still have to check out Hollywood's take on these stories! I just hope they stay true to the book!!!

Leah said...

According to you I need to head to a bookstore! hehe. ;) I haven't read these books yet but I definitely am interested in them..I keep hearing about them and when I heard of the movie I knew I wanted to read the books before I saw it..I didn't even know there was a Swedish movie, but maybe now I should just see that! much to do! :)