Saturday, December 3, 2011

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This is a loaded word...  It doesn't even qualify as a statement.  


It is a word I have repeated to myself over and over this week.

Many of you may be wondering why.  And i'll tell you right now...

Since the finace and I met over 5 years ago I have known the day may (or may not) come when he would have to go off to India to help his dad with the family business.

A part of me has wanted this day to happen:  after all, it opens up many doors for our future.

But, a very large (sometimes, bigger) part of me has wanted it to never arrive.  

...Well, it's arrived.

He leaves tomorrow...

Although he will be back at the end of January, it will mean 8 weeks apart- and that's just the beginning of several years commuting between India and the US.

Eventually, I will join him.

I will travel India with him.  But not tomorrow.

Which brings me back to this little word:  patience

It will not be forever.  But right now it feels like it.

So, I remind myself to remain calm.  to remain patient.

I would be lying if I said it was easy.  It's hard. SO HARD and so SCARY.

But, through all the saddness and tears, I know that life works in mysterious ways

and that,

things happen for a reason.

It's not forever...

 I miss him already.  I miss his smile, his smell, his presence.

I just miss him.

These weeks will be hard, but I will be OK.  I am strong and patient, and soon enough I will be by his side in the Land of Milk and Honey.   

...with all of you along for the ride, of course:)
I have some big plans for this little blog.
But, patience.  More on this when the day comes.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

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Mrs. Ham said...

that is so hard to be away from each other. esp through the holidays. blog to make it go by faster!!

thanks for stopping by!

Felicity said...

Aww, what a sad but beautiful post. If only we could all learn to be as patient as you. :) If you need some cheering up why not pop over to my blog sometime and enter the scrapbooking giveaway that I'm hosting at the moment. :P

Your newest follower,
Felicity. x

Leah said...

Thinking of you girl! I'm long distance with my boyfriend every summer- and once we were a whole ocean apart when I studied abroad. You seem to have a good attitude though- and we're here for you to vent too! How cool that eventually you'll get to travel with him!!

Robin said...

Long distance is a killer, I feel ya girl. But traveling and exploring with him will be such an amazing adventure.
That word patience is a killer! Since I have gone into the field of Special Education everybody always says to me, "oh you must have so much patience" ...i don't feel like i do. i get frustrated quite easily. but i have learned to breath and bite my tongue!
You'll make it through darling!