Monday, December 5, 2011

Saying Goodbye...SUCKS.

The fiance left this morning.  

I managed not to cry, but it hasn't been easy.

Eight weeks is a looooong time. 

Thankfully, my friend Ashley joined Aaron and I on our trip to the airport to keep me company (she drove, because I am too scared to drive in the Bay area- she is AMAZING!  Thanks again, Ashley!). Since he flew out of San Francisco International Airport, we stopped off in San Fran on out way home.

It was good times...

...but, I miss him already.  

Thankfully, i'm exhausted, so I think I may actually get some sleep tonight.

(Or maybe, it's the wine)

Meanwhile, he's flying over Alaska somewhere. 

I miss him...

Oops, I lready said that.

Totally bitter sweet.  But mostly bitter.

That end smile was a lie.

But, it's not forever...

On a different note- my shades, definitely got them in Bali for $2 after getting her down from $25.

Walking down the street, two minutes after I handed over my money, they break.  These bad boys are held together with some fishing wire.  Thanks fiance!

What will I do without you??
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brittany said...

awwww, i hate that you have to be apart! but with the holidays and everything hopefully it will FLY by!! i bet it will!!

Goldenberry said...

That's was my lot a few years ago... being separated from the one you love is tough. But, the reunification is DELICIOUS !

Alex Butts said...

Hey girl! So glad you found my blog and so glad I could help with au pair stuff - if you have any more questions definitely shoot them my way and I'll do my best to answer: :)

Living in Europe is the greatest - but I'm sure your boy will miss you when you're gone too ;)

Anonymous said...

aww, being away from your love sucks :(

Jenna E said...

awww I will be in the same boat after Christmas. Totally sucks, but just keep busy and your friends and fam will help you through it xo

Alyssa said...

Ahh I was totally gonna say love the shades! Good thing you talked her down from 25.

Leah said...

Goodbyes DO totally suck- I am with you! But like you said it's not forever- it's more like see you later, not goodbye...I think peter pan or winnie the pooh said that. hehe. Hang in there girl! Your airport pictures are cute!!

Calmly Chaotic said...

god that must be soo soo tough especially this time of year. hope the time flies!

Nicole said...

my bf was gone for over a month once- to Australia. It was roooough, but I totally just thew myself into DIY projects and eating healthy for a change- oh and a glass of wine a night. Just find something to keep you busy, happy + healthy!!