Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday!

It's Wednesday!

Hump day!

And, Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday, Link-up!

True story

Melts my heart. So beautiful.

I needed a good laugh!

Hi! This is my unborn child...
except that my unborn child will probably have brown hair.


I would shit myself (yes, you heard me)! Not out of fear, but because this would be my DREAM of all DREAMS, come true.
To be this close to WILD dolphins, amazing!

My day.

The absolute truth.  Whatever happened to healthy?

Speaking of healthy, I would like some of this right now!


Happy hump day everyone!  

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Anna Walker said...

Oh I so totally agree! What ever happened to "Healthy" seriously. Uh and banana cream pie sounds great! Even bananas with whipped cream/reddi whip would be nice! Oh and to own all those boots on the wall, would be lovely! :)

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I couldn't agree more! What happened to our society and what happened to young women of all shapes and sizes believing they are beautiful! That is a great question what happened to Healthy!

Love these pins!

Kristine said...

Bahaha, the baby in the swing dressed as a pink bunny gets me every time. So dang funny! ♥

Anonymous said...

(1) old couples in love are the cutest.

(2) YES, no body type is more beautiful than another. And "real women have curves"? So what, skinny women are not real women? Uhh.

Stephanie said...

Love all your pins. The old couple holding hands is the cutest thing I've ever seen!


Tarabelle said...

Great pins! The dog under all the boots is my idea of heaven too!

Breanna said...

Love the pin of the baby looking into the camera lens.


jillconyers said...

Love the This is not more beautiful pin. Definitely repinning! And the little guy with the camera...awesome!

[Fitness, Health and Happiness]

Miranda said...

man, I totally agree with the healthy one! and of course the first one...i do so many things...wish they made me money :) new follower :)

Kaysie said...

I'm glad you think its amazing too! I had never even heard of it but I just put it on for background noise and ended up loving it :)

Amanda said...

I love all of these pins! The pin about weight is so true! & the ecard is hilarious!