Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve

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Happy New Year's Eve!

If I had a fancy party to attend, or a bursting wallet, the little outfit above is exactly what you would see me in!

My plans for the evening?

A burrito, some pie, champagne and Skype with the fiance.

I grew tired of bars and crazy expensive nights a long time ago...

 I know.

But, really, I couldn't ask for a better evening.

(Unless, of course, the fiance was doing all these things with me, and not on Skype)

I hope that where ever you are, you have a very safe and happy NYE!

Bring it 2012. I'm ready.
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Confessional Friday

Hi Friends,

I'm linking up for Confessional Friday again this week.

If you want to join in on this link-up fun, head on over to Leslie's blog found here.


I confess... I am so happy the holidays are almost over!  No more Christmas music, decorations, or stressful baking.  


I confess... I haven't shaved my legs since October.  I'm a little freaked out by how long my leg hair is, but at the same time strangely fascinated.  It will be coming off asap, i'm just dreading the hours it will take to get it all off. 

I confess... I really hate driving.  It freaks me out.

I confess... The comfort of my fur babies comes before my own, especially during bed time.  I can be soaked in sweat or facing frostbite and I will not disturb them from their slumber.

I confess... I really just want to eat burritos every night of the week.

I confess... I can't start my day without coffee.  Coffee is the only reason I ever get out of bed.

I confess... I'm going to the mall today.  For those of you new to my blog, it's a fact that over the past couple of years the mall and I kinda broke-up.  The mall is like the bad boy you know you should stay away from, but despite all good judgment, you just keep going back.

I hope all of you lovely ladies have a very happy Friday!
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In a perfect world...

...all of these things would happen before I kick the bucket.

I mean, i'll be honest, 
I'm 25, and I am so ready to start a family.

Sure, this may not be the perfect time, but i'm growing very impatient.

My lady parts aren't getting any younger.
I'm losing precious eggs, 
and I've reached a point in my life where I care more about babies and having a family than what my physical appearance looks like.

I no longer care "all about me" and really just want to care "all about them".

The past couple of years I have learned one thing about myself:

I was not brought into this world with the fire to be the best in a the work place or make a bazillion dollars,
...I was brought here to be a mom.

And hopefully, one day, a great mom. 

Maybe my dream will come true and the right time will happen in 2012.

A girl can wish, right?
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Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday

Hey friends! It's Wednesday!

Today i'm linking up with The Vintage Apple for,

Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday!

I've decided to share with you all some of my favorite things in this world,

things that make me truly happy.




This photo- my all time favorite
and ballet





Claw-foot tubs

If you want to link-up head on over to Michelle's blog found here.


What are some of your favorite things?
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Girlfriends and Mexican food

What do girlfriends do when they haven't seen each other for a few months?

...they eat Mexican food, drink some wine (I know, amazing combo) and watch only the best chick flicks.

At least this is what you would do if you were me and Cristiana.

Cristiana and I met freshman year of college.

We were in the same pledge class and share many wonderful drunken memories together.

We were also both Bio majors.  
If we didn't have one of those plastic red cups in hand, it was guaranteed that we were at the library.

Now, we're all grown up (not really) and our idea of the perfect night involves burritos the size of our head and a little bit of Mr. Gosling.

And, just for the record, I ate the ENTIRE burrito.

I am a gifted eater.
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Christmas Weekend, Part II

Before I overload you with puppy and baby cuteness, I have an announcement-

I finally got a Twitter account.

I plan on following all of you that have Twitter accounts, but if you want to get the party started, please click on the Follow Button in my sidebar!

Thank you!


Here are some pictures from Christmas day.

I spent most my time oooooing and awwwwing at this little chubs below,

as I stuffed my face with non-stop yumms.

Beautiful Mama and baby!

This concludes my Christmas pictures!

Now back to reality!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
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Monday, December 26, 2011

Pretty Little Flower

I saw this little flower as I was walking out the door to go on a run.

It was a lone little flower, but so beautiful.

I had to dash back inside, grab my camera and snap a few photos right away. 

Sometimes the little things really are the big things in life.

I hope you all are having a relaxing Monday.
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Christmas Weekend, Part I

It's Monday!

The crazy Christmas weekend is over, and I must admit, I'm relieved.

The overall weekend, however, was lovely.

Great company, good food, and lots and lots of pictures.

It just wasn't the same without the fiance- never again will I celebrate Christmas without him.

Thankfully, I had Moose, Frankie and one very adorable baby around to cheer me up and keep my wandering mind occupied.

I hope you all had a great Christmas weekend!

I'll be posting more pictures tomorrow- don't worry, most are of little chubs shown above.
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