Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When Good Runs, DON'T Go Bad...

Yesterday, Aaron and I wen't for a nice run along the American River.  

Before yesterday, I had never been running here.  I anticipate that it will quickly become one of my favorite places to go on my long runs.

The path runs something like 25-30 miles, all the way from Folsom to Downtown Sacramento.  While I will not be tackling runs this long for at least another 6 months, it inspires me to keep going.

Aaron and I will be running the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 10k.  While I love running, Aaron is more of a mountain climbing kinda guy.  Running isn't really his cup of tea, so a 10k is perfect!

I'm hoping that i'll be ready to run another half in January or February, and make it through my first full marathon next summer- assuming I stay injury free...

Despite the cooler temperatures and shorter days, I couldn't have asked for a better day running outside.  It also gave me a little mood boost that has been much needed the past couple days.

Since the salmon are spawning, the scavengers are out.  Birds were everywhere (since after the salmon spawn, they die and becoming bird food).  We saw Bambi a couple of times and kept our eyes open for mountain lions, but weren't lucky enough to spot one.  Apparently, they target little children- good to know.

Hopefully the weather plays nice and I can go back in a couple days.


My pants are really men's spandex pants.  Aaron was wearing the same ones.  It's kinda obvious that they are for men (especially from the front), but they really are amazing. And so warm.

There are salmon.  You can hardly see them.  

Happy hump day everyone!
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Chelsea Coleen said...

love this! glad im not the only one big time obsessed with taking pretty of the pretty pretty trees and fallish weather!

lisa said...

Wow Jess, what a beautiful day!!! T he pictures are amazing and you two look so happy. What an amazing life you are blessed to have. Love the shadow photo of you and Aaron. And one more thing, Europe is too far away, I love it there too but I want to see you every now and then!! Luv ya Mom :))

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