Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time Change


I don't know about you guys, but this whole time change thing is just not working for me.

Yesterday, I thought it was 8pm when it was really 5pm.  

Not cool.  

At least if I lived some place that snowed, that would cheer me up.  And I need some cheering up.  Fall and winter in California just doesn't seem right.

I mean, where is the snow (other than Tahoe or the mountains)?  

Hopefully one day I can convince the fiance to relocate somewhere more seasonal, or ideally, somewhere in Europe (I'll save this topic for a later day).

Don't get me wrong, California is a gorgeous place.  But, it just isn't my place.  Granted, I can think of a million places much worse than California to live, and I try reminding myself of this whenever my mind starts to relocate to another country.

I am very lucky to live where I do.  I know this.

But, i'm human and as such I can't help thinking sometimes that the grass really is greener on the other side.

I blame these thoughts on the time change.  Everything is to be blamed on the time change and darker days.

Since such thoughts are getting me nowhere, I will be taking a nice long run outside today.

the air is crisp. the sun is out.  the leaves are still changing.

I need to soak up as much vitamin d as possible before the rain returns in two days.

Darker days + rain = bed time, all the time!

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Calmly Chaotic said...

i live in a city with two seasons... .summer and winter. we get snow... tons of it and i am always telling my husband that we need to move and then dreaming up places to move to. I get the time change thing even here. It's too depressing for it to be dark out at 4:30!

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