Saturday, November 26, 2011

This is what I think about at midnight when I can't sleep...

I think about FOOD.  

And, it always starts with one little craving that manifests itself into 10 different cravings.

It's ridiculous.  I feel like a hormonal crazy person that hasn't eaten all week.

Good thing i'm so lazy, otherwise I would probably get in the car and drive to get me some grub.

And, it has gotten worse since I became vegetarian.  Now, I not only crave sweets and cheese, but also chicken and beef.  

Not cool.

Warning:  {Food} porn below.  Serious cravings may develop.  Depending on how lazy you are, over eating may result.

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Bagel n' lox is probably one of my favorite things ever!  Anyone have any good salmon substitutes?  via
Chicken.  I need want chicken! And this has me drooling.  via
Since we're being honest, I have been craving chocolate pudding for about a year now.  Why haven't I made it yet? That is an excellent question.  via
Fried cheese.  and ranch.  Ohhhh yea.  via
I still dream of the Falafel wraps in Thamel, Nepal.  Best thing I have EVER eaten.  via
No comment.  pinterest
meat. sour cream, guac. cheese. beans. rice. tomato.  What more could I possibly ask for?  via
Just look at that cheese and those beautiful tomatoes.  pinterest

What cravings do you have late at night?

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Jennifer said...

Oh gosh! Now I'm hungry. I always want crescent rolls!

Elle Sees said...

in n out. in n out. always.

wildchild said...

usually ice cream. actually always ice cream. and as for non-food cravings? some cuddles from my man :)

Carrie said...

Thanks, I'm starving now!!! Lol.

How long have you been a vegetarian? My husband and I have been for almost two years. I still eat seafood though - he doesn't. And I do crave chicken sometimes. Specifically bad chicken, like Chic-fil-a and Raising Canes (not sure if you have one, but they only sell chicken fingers and fries!).

kaitlin said...

mmm its really late at night and you just made me sooo hungry haha! all of this looks so yummy!!

Mo (New on U) said...

Ug. Totally wrong post to read at the end of a workday - now I'm famished! All of that looks sooo, sooo, sooo good. Gimme!

K said...

good thing i just ate dinner otherwise i'd be dying :) have you ever tried chocolate nutella mousse? i have a great recipe and it kicks chocolate pudding's butt. oh yes it's that good!

Abby said...

I do this too. I'm usually awake for a couple of hours after my husband goes to bed. I read, watch a movie, or blog surf, and I ALWAYS think about food. I usually crave really unhealthy stuff- junk foody stuff that I would never even think of during the day. It's a good thing we don't keep candy/chips in the house all the time or else I'd probably eat them every night.

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