Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Sayings...

These wise words found on this lovely blog.

The second I saw this, I knew I had to share it with all of you.

Everything about this little piece of wisdom is so true and very forgotten by so many people.

I don't deny that growing older has its challenges.  But, how lucky we are to grow and age and see these beautiful changes in ourselves. 

The thought of wrinkles and strained mobility is terrifying, but such is life.  Life would not be as it is if we did not grow old.

So, why have we become so obsessed with staying young?

I may not like it, but I am thankful for each new wrinkle.  With age comes life.  And for this I am far more privileged than so many others.

Hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday!
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Carrie said...

This is great. I just came home from my aunt's 50th anniversary party and it was so great to see a couple after 50 years of marriage. Just as I was getting ready I was like, seriously another gray hair, why do I already have wrinkles, etc...and there is just so much more to life! Sometimes its nice to look at the full picture and not get stuck on all the little gray hair!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog today....following you back!!

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Confession. I just read a ton of your posts, yet I'm leaving just one comment. Hey, I'm a busy girl. ;)
Good news is...I like your blog. Really like your blog. Not that you should care what I think (b/c can I just say "AMEN" to not caring about what people think? We're alike in that...oh, and I so would love to move to Europe. I love movies set in anywhere "Europy" with castles, amazing costumes, cobblestone roads and those gorgeous accents. Ha! I sometimes dream of living in the French countryside in an old farmhouse. So weird for this Miami girl!)

Anyway...went off on a tangent. Typical. ;)
Following for sure. You're a great blogger. Seriously you only started this like 2 months ago? Go, you!

Arielle said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the sweet comment and the follow!! :)
LOVE that your cat is named Moose, too!!
Have a good Monday!

Ashlee said...

Your Blog is adorable!! :)
Thanks for following me too..I always love new readers and comments..hearing from all my readers is always a joy. :)

-Ashlee Michelle

Aimee L said...

I often wonder why we try to stay young, too...and my only guess is because with youth comes power (or at least perceived power). So when we lose our youth, we think we lose our power.

I'm not so concerned with aging in and of itself; but I am concerned with staying healthy and looking good. I'd be lying if I said otherwise. So while plastic surgery isn't something on my list, I'm all about botox and great skin care.

I see it as similar to maintaining a car. The miles on it are going to increase, but you still wash it inside & out, to keep it looking good. You change the oil and the tires, and every 30k miles or so you get a tuneup...all of these things are basically preventative maintenance.

The better care we take of ourselves to prevent traumatic illnesses/the signs of aging, the better. :)


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