Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Perfect Saturday Night

What do I do when the fiance goes out on a Saturday night and I stay home to avoid the craziness?

I make eggs and toast, of course!

But seriously, eggs are probably one of my absolute favorite foods.  You can make so many things with eggs and since I no longer eat meat, eggs are a perfect substitute.

To keep things simple, I just scrambled up some eggs with onion, garlic, chili, bell pepper, cilantro and Anaheim peppers.

The key to the success of the perfect scrambled egg is sauteing the vegetables in butter, a big handful of fresh cilantro and the dash of chipotle powder.  Oh, and salt.

I try not to make scrambled eggs like this often due to the better and salt.  But, with the changing weather and increased running the past couple weeks, I didn't really care if my dinner was healthy.

Besides, I needed the protein.

I can't eat my eggs without buttered toast.  This will never, ever change.

What else do I do on a Saturday night alone?

The most obvious thing a girl could do when her loving fiance is away- 

watch the most girly movies and TV she could find.

This included Mean Girls and about 5 episodes of Private Practice.

That's not all...

I also painted my nails and made some new blog friends.

Oh, and had a couple glasses of wine, but that's a given on nights like this.

In the spirit of Mean Girls, I leave you with this, because I crack up every single time I see it.  Like literally, laugh-out-loud to myself.

What do you do when your boy or girl goes out for the night?
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Erica [pocket full of chuckles] said...

Those eggs look delish!!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my post earlier :)

Carrie said...

Those eggs look soooo good. And I don't eat meat either! (for almost two years..)

When my husband is out, I drink wine. A lot of wine. Oh, wait, I do that even when he's home!!!

Joshua and Ashley said...

Love! That is exactly what I do when my hubs is working late. Very fun

Dorothy Explor'r said...

(i love eggs too... esp with cilantro!!!) yummm.

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