Friday, November 18, 2011

My First Linkup! Fridays Letters

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Dear Fiance.  I love you for all that you are.  Thank you for making me my coffee in the morning this week since i've been to lazy to get out of bed.  Thank you for all your random kisses and "I love you's".  Thank you for loving me with no make-up or cute clothes.  Thank you for loving me always.

Dear Self.  Thank you for always doing what I ask.  A special thanks to my groin inside legs for finally realizing that horseback riding is back in my life.  I can finally walk like a normal person again.

Dear Grandma Lorna.  Thank you for making some of the most amazing food ever.  Including your lentils and cabbage concoction.  I'm sorry I don't always eat your food, and instead make my own.  It's not that I don't enjoy what you make, it's just that I would double in size if I did.  You understand, right?

Dear Frankenstein.  You are so cute even when you give my your evil looks.  You always know how to make me laugh.  Thanks for sleeping with us every night, too.  Sleep just wouldn't be right without you at my feet, biting my toes.

Dear Mikey.  You have been so awesome since I started riding you 4 weeks ago.  Despite 10 years out of the saddle, you have been a champ putting up with all my horrible riding.  But, i'm getting better.  Pretty soon, we'll move as one, and think like one.

Dear weather.  Please only rain at night so I can run during the day without getting soaking wet.  That would be pretty awesome.  It would also be awesome if you could just pass right by the riding arena, so that I don't have to ride in the indoor all week!  Thanks!

Dear Megan at Across the Pond.  Thank you for explaining to me how to add the button shown below.  You are amazing and my favorite blogger. I also loved reminiscing about elementary school, we were awesome. 

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Michelle * Viva Revival said...

Lol, sorry about your groin, oops I mean inside legs. :-) I can't wait to go horseback riding again. When we went in Hawaii it was only the second time I've ever been. It was a 4 hour long trip too, ouch. But, it's so much fun.

Bonnie said...

This is such an awesome idea! I never thought to do anything like this.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Megan said...

love this. and you're welcome :)

and im also glad our floral/dolphin wearing days are over.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! Such a great link up!

Nicole said...

Love this link up! Great idea! Nice to meet you!

MacKensie said...

SO cute!!



Ashley Slater said...

haha cute letters! I love me some megan too, isn't she just the greatest?! thanks for linking up girl!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your sweet comments over at Jane Mabel :) I love this link up party, and your letter!!
Be blessed!

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