Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet the Kids: Moose

We adopted Moose over 4 years ago.

He's a Maine Coon mix.

Originally, the fiance and I wanted a kitten.  More specifically, a furry grey kitten.  Every time we would go in to Petsmart we would always check out the kittens available for adoption (we will NEVER purchase a pet from a pet store).

One random day in the beginning of November our lives changed forever...we found Moose.
He definitely was not the little grey kitten we were looking for.  Instead, he was a huge 16 pound damaged 8-year old cat that needed a loving home.  The fiance and I knew he was to become a part of our family from the moment we saw him sprawled out between two enclosures (he was that big).

A week later he was home.  In our home.

And, our family started to get a little bigger.

Hi! I'm Moose!

1.  I was hit by a car before I was adopted.  In the accident, I lost one of my front canine teeth and bit a chunk out of my tongue.
2.  I tested positive for the feline form of AIDS (I refuse to believe this is true).
3.  I love to ride around on shoulders.
4.  I loves buttered sourdough bread, turkey, cheese (but it makes me sick), shrimp, and mint chocolate chip ice cream.
5.  For 3.5 years after I was adopted, I would only drink water out of glass cups on the coffee table or the water from the tub (i was the first one in the shower after Mom and Dad got out).
6.  I am a non-stop PURRRR machine.
7.  I love to cuddle. All. the. time.
8.  My day revolves around when I get to eat next.
9.  Sometimes, I get insanely emotional and very jealous.  
10.  I have a tendency to eat when i'm stressed.

He LOVES to roll around in the leaves.

The patio of our old apartment was he favorite spot.  He probably misses it more than the fiance and I realize.
Back when I used to study ALL day, EVERY day he loved to help me study.  His help would include sprawling out all over my books, swatting at my highlighters, and turning off my computer.
As if my computer wasn't over heating already, he would add a little heat to it too.
The norm around here.
His favorite spot, no joke.  
He also loves sleeping on books.  Especially the "Twilight" series.  I guess they didn't do it for him like they did for me.
One tooth.
Mostly, he just really likes to sleep.  Preferably, cuddled up next to someone.
He was king of this courtyard.
If there is a pile of clothes, he's on it.
But, we still have to work on his manners.
He even likes to dress up...Obviously!
He loves riding on the fiances shoulders.  But hates flash photography...we're working on it.

More than anything, I am so thankful for these two guys in my life.  They're pretty awesome!

Thanks to this cat, our lives will never be the same again.

We are officially crazy cat people and we LOVE it.
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Carrie said...

Your cat is so incredibly cute!! And I love how he "helps" you study, my dog loves to do that too, except he will steal my pens if I'm not watching!! :)
And thanks for the kind comment on my blog, and for following!
I'll try to send some snow your way! :)
<3 Carrie

Recently Roached said...

So cute! :)

I'm going to try and convince Grahm that we need a pet. Hopefully we can find one that loves to snuggle like Moose!

BlackLOG said...

Blimey I though my little boy was big - he hit a stone at six months old and has been on a diet ever since....which means he has been on a diet for around 15 years.

brittany said...

moose! you are the cutest thing on this planet!! gosh, i would just not be who i am without my little baby fluffs.

Elena said...

Totally stumbled upon your blog from a comment you left on another blog!

This post is really adorable! I love maine coons because of all the fluff and loves they give. Also my mom's cat is named Moose. Apparently it's a really popular kitty name! I really love cats and wish that I was in a position to get one, but alas, I am not. I tell myself it's the mature decision though.

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