Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am Living in the Wrong Era...

It's true.

I know this because I often catch myself day dreaming about what it would have been like to live a few centuries ago.

Part of this idle dreaming is because I love European history, but mostly, it's because I have an infatuation for all the old and outrageous style of dress.

The dresses, oh my!  Spanning several centuries, dresses came in every shape and color.

Honestly, I don't know what attracts me to historical fashion.

Romance.  Elegance.  Mystery.

Who knows?

Maybe it's because fashion is so much different now.  Women walk around half naked and our idea of a Ball is going to a dance club grinding on the dance floor with nasty, smelly men.

We've gotten lazy- and to a degree, this may not be such a bad thing.

 Who needs a morning, afternoon, evening, ball, tea, carriage, walking, and cottage dress to get through one day?

Even with this in mind, I still catch myself wondering what would it have been like to wear such works of art?

If i'm being honest, I have no idea.

 I do know I would have been very hot during the summer months in certain parts of Europe or the Americas and probably quite miserable.

And, I probably would have dreaded the time of day when the corset went on and the breathing stopped.

But, the dresses!  So beautiful!  

Perhaps it would have been worth the sacrifice.

Too bad i'll never know...

In the mean time, i'll continue to love these dresses and always imagine what it would have been like to wear such beautiful and unique clothing.

But seriously...what happened when they needed to use the toilet?

Amazing color and stripes. Just beautiful
Source here

Robe à la Française c.1750.  The Costume Institute at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York.  Source via

This is one amazing silk gown.  Apparently this type of gown would have been "...worn over a jacket and petticoat from between 1610-1615.  The gown has a built in attachment designed for the support of the huge lace collars of the period."  Source via

Date unknown.
Source here

Left:  Folding chantilly lace parasol with carved ivory handle, 1870's
Right:  Parasol, 1880-1890

Anne Boleyn, I love her.
Source here

I love the pattern.  Perfect, ca. 1760, source here

1885, this dress could actually be worn three different ways.  Gorgeous.  Source here

Just imagine yourself in this dress! ca. 1869-70
Source here

Evening dress ca. 1865 via The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art
This dress is stunning.  So beautiful.

One of my favorites.  This dress is a dream.
Victorian Court Dress, 1860-1865.  Source via

ca 1866, Evening dress by Worth
Link here

1830s hat.  The Met says that hat veils like this were worn both to partially conceal the face modestly and also off the face, around the hat, to decorate it, as well as to facilitate flirtatious glances.
Found via

18th Century Hair styles!
Source via
Afternoon Dress, ca. 1865
Gorgeous black English bonnet. ca. 1830
Left:  Pannier, source via,  Right: Court dress, ca. 1750 via
ca. 1885-1888.  According to the Met, this dress would have been worn for tennis, yachting, or general seaside walking.  Striped textiles were fashionable for such activities.
Marie Antoinette, via

I love this.  Look at the change over only 10 years!  via
Left to Right:  Morning dress, ca 1818 (via); Walking dress, ca.1824 (via); Carriage dress, ca. 1825 (via)
Court Dress, ca. 1750.  Pretty ridiculous, but I would love to at least try it on!
Source here
OMG, this fan.  I love love love old fans, ca. 1760.
Woman's overdress or robe, ca. 1780-1785.  Source via.
Everything about this dress is STUNNING.  I die, ca. 1870's.  Image via.
Riding outfits.  Quite a change from 1770 to present day.  Source via.

And what would my dashing lover be wearing?

Yes, something like this, at least in 1869.  Source  via

Or, maybe this if we went a little further back to  the 1790's.  Image  via

Or this court suit in 1810, i'm loving the purple.   via

Clearly, I could post pictures of historical fashion all day long.  But I will stop here.

I will have a separate post for 20th century fashion.  Probably best to save that can of worms for another day.

Does anyone else share this obsession?  Or is it just me?
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Michelle said...

Although I surprisingly don't share this obsession it did send me on a search for Victorian Era Dresses as a halloween costume! This site I found had the best but its a tad out of my price range... hehe

lisa said...

Jessica I love the Victorian Era as well, something about it gives me sensation inside I can't quite describe.....I remember studying this era in Fashion when I went to College. It was my favorite class. xox Mom

Dorothy Explor'r said...

omg..! i love it too!!! :) everything about it AND european history!!!


Anonymous said...


I share the same passion, too. I love period movies and history.


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