Monday, November 28, 2011

frozen yogurt

This is a very random post, but I thought some of you may relate.

It's about soft-serve frozen yogurt.  And how amazing it is.

See, I love frozen yogurt.  The toppings, the flavors, the serve-it-yourself-so-you-always-end-up-taking-too-much.  

Ya, you know what i'm talking about.


Anyway, I need a soft serve machine in my house.


Well, mostly because i'm always too lazy to get some after dinner for dessert,

[like tonight.  that soup hit my stomach like a brick.  I can't move]

...but also because I have a weird thing about eating my food at home.  I don't really like eating out much anymore.

I used to LOVE eating in restaurants or going out to get dessert.  I was what some might call a restaurant snob.

Well, not anymore my friends. Not anymore.

I can think of two reasons for this,

1.  Unless I eat at home, it doesn't count.  It's like it never took place.

2.  After I eat, I usually don't want to move from the bed or couch for a few hours. 

As you can see, eating out totally messes everything up.

So, the most logical solution is to install a soft-serve machine in our kitchen.


Pretty much.  Pinterest.

Are any of you strange like me?
What are your favorite frozen yogurt flavors?

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Anonymous said...

I love frozen yogurt so much. Although I must say I do enjoy eating out.

Anna Walker said...

Frozen Yogurt is AMAZING! I did just have some peppermint/chocolate swirl frozen yogurt and found it to be quite delicious! :D

The only thing that beats it is...gelato!

Leah said...

Love FroYo- we just got a new place in town that's delish! Red Velvet is a definite fav, although it's hard to pick just one! :) And I think a machine in your house sounds like a great idea! Then you could host a party and have us all over! ;)

Elena said...

I must be in the minority because I don't like froyo but I love gelato! As far as gelato goes I really love olive oil, marscapone, and this slightly citrusy Italian custard. I will always choose gelato for dessert :)!

K said...

this is such a great idea! i am seriously craving froyo now. guess i'm adding that to the ever-growing list of things to eat on my return to the states :)

Carrie said...

My boyfriend would die and go to heaven if I gave him a frozen yogurt machine... hey wait, that might be a good Christmas gift idea! :p

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