Friday, November 25, 2011

Fridays Letters Link Up

Dear Fiance:  Thank you again for my camera, it's BEAUTIFUL.  I hope your ready for an overflow of pictures... On a different note,  cheese is totally worth going to the store just to get.  You should know this now, otherwise we may have some problems later.

Dear Camera:  Although we have only spent a couple hours together, I thought you should know that I already love you.  Thanks to you, memories from this day forward will be taken to an entirely different level.  But, the best part? I can finally get pictures of Moose with his eyes open.  It's a miracle.

Dear Thanksgiving:  Thank you for the stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, rolls, asparagus, mac n cheese, and delicious salad.  You were my first as a vegetarian and it was much easier than I thought it would be.  Also, thank you for at least a weeks worth of leftovers.  

Dear Fireplace:  Thank you for keeping me warm whenever I decide to leave my bed.  You really know how to heat up a room!

Dear Weather:  The rain yesterday was great, but the sunshine today is even better!  Can we please keep the sunshine going a little longer?  Unless, of course, you wanted to surprise Sacramento with some snow.  That would be pretty awesome.

Dear Colored Leaves:  I know you can't stay around forever, but thanks for stickin around a little longer than usual this year.  You will be gone in less than a week, but i'll try not to be sad.  You'll be back next year!

Dear Chili's:  Without you food would suck.  Although you sometimes make me sweat and bring tears to my eyes, you really are the miracle to culinary greatness.  Keep up the capsacin production and I will be a happy cook.

Hope everyone is having a relaxing Friday!

If your not relaxing, and shopping instead, I hope you found some awesome Black Friday deals!

Head over to Ashley's blog, Adventures of Newlyweds, and link up with us!

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