Wednesday, November 2, 2011

10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now...

1.  Horseback Riding.  If you haven't met Mikey yet, you can find him here.
2.  The beautiful 70 degree weather.  It's finally starting to feel like fall around here.
3.  My morning coffee.  I would be lost without it.
4.  Being vegetarian for over a week and not missing meat at all.  If you missed this life changing moment, you can find it here (if you don't read the entire post, at least rent the documentaries).
5.  The "Gargantuan Green Grape" nail polish by O.P.I. that I am about to put on my nails.
6.  That it is finally cool enough to switch back to our down comforter.  I've missed snuggling with it every night.
7.  That I met a running buddy and a new friend!
8. The discovery of Masterpiece Classics: Downton Abbey.  I can't wait to watch more!
9.  Deciding not to go out on Halloween this year, and instead, pass out candy.
10.  Leggings.  I would be naked without them.

Oh coffee, How I love thee.
Picture found here, although the original source is unknown.
Soaking up as much of the Autumn beauty that I can before all the leaves fall to the ground.
O.P.I. Gargantuan Green Grape.  Interested to see how this turns out.
Down comforters are the best.  Photo via

What's making you happy right now??
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Michelle said...

Dates (the fruit), licorice root tea in the morning, Kookooburra kackles, permaculture farm in the city and public transportation... oh and the library!

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