Wednesday, November 30, 2011

That time at the gas station...

Before I start this post, I thought I would apologize for not having any pictures.  But, really i'm kinda thankful.  This was not my proudest moment...

Oh, and those of you that read this entire story, you are amazing!  Those of you that don't? I would probably do the same thing :)

So, the other night, the fiance and I went to the gas station.  

Actually, this isn't the full story...

I dragged him to the gas station with me by bribing him with ice cream.  I got my drivers license less than 8 months ago (yes, i'm in my mid-twenties) and i've never filled up the gas tank on my own. The whole process seriously scared the poop out of me.

I mean, what if I pulled in the wrong place, or leaked gas all over the place?  This would be much less embarrassing if the fiance came with me.  This way, I could just blame it on him.

Anyway, we get there. I pull up. I go inside and give the guy my 40 bucks (which really hurt). I walk back to the car.

I can't get the lid off.  
I mean that thing was seriously child proof.  I kept trying and trying.  The fiance smiles and tells me to keep trying.  Friends, I was trying and that thing would not screw off.  

After about 5 minutes, I start to raise my voice and curse at myself (and the poor fiance).  He found it hilarious. I didn't.  

I just wanted him to take the thing off for me.  I thought if I got mad enough he would give in.  FAIL.

Finally, FINALLY managed to get the thing off.  I win.

I hit the button for premium, not regular.
Trust me, if you saw the little truck I drive, you would know it's not worthy of premium.

Gas starts leaking.
I know. I know.

I start freaking out to the fiance.  However, instead of coming to fix the problem, he tells me to figure out what I did wrong.  

There was a concrete pillar thing in the way of where I put the gas nozzle in the car (whatever that thing is called).  It was obvious from the beginning, I was just too lazy to move the car before I started filling up.  I just hoped it would work out.

It did not.

Learn from me friends- gas will leak everywhere if the nozzle doesn't go straight in.

He tells me to move the car forward.  I was hesitant.  I mean, won't the gas catch on fire? 

 After promising me it wouldn't, I get in and reluctantly pull forward.  The car did not catch on fire!

We were back in business-almost

I discover that it will no longer pump the gas I paid for.  I go back in, get it reset, and try again.

Finally, I get the gas I paid for and even learned that I don't have to squeeze the handle the whole time- thank goodness! My hand was tired after about $5.

I screwed the lid back on, got in the car, and drove off- hitting the curb on my way out.

But, no biggie, I survived my first fill-up, all by myself! 


As the fiance put it: "You managed to make every mistake in one night that I made in one year"

So, what did I learn?

I never want to fill up my gas tank EVER AGAIN.

On a different note, I thought I would share my dinner with you because it was that good and too easy.

No, I did not make my own dough, but I did turn it from a boring cheese pizza into an AMAZINGLY delicious veggie pizza.

What I added:  
onion, tomato, portobello mushroom, pepperoncinis, black olives, bell pepper, and fresh cilantro.

I've been on a cheese kick lately (even more than usual which I didn't know it was possible) and pizza was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Hope you all are having a great week!
Do you have any crazy gas station stories?

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday! Link-up

Hi friends!

Since I am a big fan of Pinterest (who isn't?) I decided to join in on the link-up, Oh how Pinteresting Wednesday, again this week!

I decided to dedicate this weeks post to the bathroom.

I don't know about all of you, but I have a strange obsession with bathrooms.  

Honestly, aside from the kitchen, I feel that bathrooms are the MOST important part of the house.

It's where you do your morning business and start your entire day.  

Besides, there are so many awesome design ideas for the bathroom.

Outdoor shower anyone?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite bathrooms.  You can find all of these on my Pinterest under the board Bathroom/Mudroom.

Perfectly natural.
Claw-foot tub, floors, and HUGE bright windows!  Dream.

No fighting over the shower anymore!
Reminds me of a mermaid. And I LOVE mermaids.
Wow! This sink!
The tile. The tub. The painting. The colors. Beautiful.

Indoor/Outdoor.  So lovely.

Blue tile and pictures.  I love when bathrooms have tons of pictures on the wall.  Gives you something to look at when  you have a "big job".

And, this may not be my style, but how neat is this...

Want to link-up?  Head on over to The Vintage Apple, here.

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Sometimes, I play in the orchard...

...with this BIG boy.

Mikey loves our little trips to the orchard because it means he gets to eat, 

and eat. and eat...

Honestly though, he takes his nom-nomming seriously.

This was the first time out in the orchard with me not on his back or with a bit in his mouth.

He took full advantage.  

But, he is such a sweet boy, I couldn't get mad.  

I mean look at Barrel Belly. How could you not love him?

Plus, he sails over jumps like they're nothing.  

So, I say?  

Keep eating.

And, a special thanks to the fiance for taking ALL these photos with my new camera.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Take Me Away Tuesday, Link-Up

Hi friends!

This week is the first Take Me Away, Tuesday, Link-Up.

I don't know about you guys, but i'm pretty excited.

This link-up is perfect for anyone who loves to travel, or wishes to travel in the future.

Share past travel stories, future travel stories, or just places in the world that you find awesome.

So, link-up!

Where do I want to be taken away?  Alaska

One day, a couple years ago, I saw a random picture and asked my fiance where it was taken.

He responded, Alaska.

Suddenly something switched.  Alaska went from just some place on the map to a must-see travel destination.

But, the reasons are pretty obvious...

The wildlife,
National Parks, 
Aurora Borealis,

With views like this, i'll stay in this cabin any day of the week. via
Denali National Park.  Dream.  via
WOW.  Glacier Bay National Park. via
Kenai Fjords National Park, via
Kenai Fjords National Park, via
Tana Glacier, THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!  via

Where would you like to be taken away??

Link up and tell us about it!

Grab a button, paste it to your blog and enter your URL below.

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frozen yogurt

This is a very random post, but I thought some of you may relate.

It's about soft-serve frozen yogurt.  And how amazing it is.

See, I love frozen yogurt.  The toppings, the flavors, the serve-it-yourself-so-you-always-end-up-taking-too-much.  

Ya, you know what i'm talking about.


Anyway, I need a soft serve machine in my house.


Well, mostly because i'm always too lazy to get some after dinner for dessert,

[like tonight.  that soup hit my stomach like a brick.  I can't move]

...but also because I have a weird thing about eating my food at home.  I don't really like eating out much anymore.

I used to LOVE eating in restaurants or going out to get dessert.  I was what some might call a restaurant snob.

Well, not anymore my friends. Not anymore.

I can think of two reasons for this,

1.  Unless I eat at home, it doesn't count.  It's like it never took place.

2.  After I eat, I usually don't want to move from the bed or couch for a few hours. 

As you can see, eating out totally messes everything up.

So, the most logical solution is to install a soft-serve machine in our kitchen.


Pretty much.  Pinterest.

Are any of you strange like me?
What are your favorite frozen yogurt flavors?

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

SUPER EASY Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup

Wanna know the easiest soup recipe EVER?

Split pea soup.  In the crock pot.

I couldn't think of a healthier soup out there.

Winter season is comin' up and this is bound to warm up your insides.

So, give it a go.

What you need:
Note:  I made a FULL crock pot of soup.  If you want less, cut amounts in half.

3 cups dry split peas, rinsed
12 cups water or vegetable broth
4 stalks celery, chopped
3 carrots, chopped
4 cloves garlic, chopped
(Another vegetable to use is leeks.  I did not use any in this recipe)
2 bay leaves
Salt and pepper to taste
Cayanne, for spice (optional)
Chipotle powder (optional)
If you are new to my blog, you will quickly learn that I LOVE Chipotle seasoning.  If your not a fan, just leave it out.

I also add some hot sauce and cheese on top of mine before eating because those are two must-haves for all my meals.  Again, leave them out if they're not your thing.

Chop vegetables.  Toss in crock pot.
Rinse split peas.  Toss in crock pot.
Measure out 12 cups water or vegetable brother and pour into crock pot.
Add garlic and bay leaves and other seasoning.
Cover.  Cook on low for at least 8 hours.
Season to taste.

This is vegetarian, obviously.
Growing up my mom would always throw in a ham hock to give it some meaty, salty flavor.  If you don't have a ham hock, you can throw in some fatty bacon instead!
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My first outfit post!

You won't find many "what I wore" outfits on this blog.

Why?  Two reasons.

1.  99 percent of the time you will find me in sweats, PJs, running clothes, or riding clothes.  Exciting for me, but for you?  Not so much.

2.  My face usually comes out looking like this...


Definitely not so attractive.

But today, I decided to make an exception.  

Since I got my new camera, I wanted some pictures with my man, Mikey.  I wasn't riding today, which meant that I should put on real people clothes if I was going to leave the house.

Especially if I was leaving the house to take pictures.

So, I put on jeans, a bra, the WORKS.

This was the result, and the absolute best I could do...

I have about 300 more photos to share with you, but i'll save those for another day.

What do you think of this little ensemble?  Comfy. Casual. Simple.

My favorite.

Jeans: Gap
Boots: Frye
Shirt: Gap
Scarf: Nepal
Bag: Nepal

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