Sunday, October 30, 2011

When Good Runs, Go Bad...

Today I decided I was going to push myself.  I haven't completed a run longer than 6 miles since last winter...yes, LAST winter.

Today, I was going to run at least 8 miles.  At this point in my training speed isn't really important to me, especially in longer runs.  I just wanted to cover 8 miles on my own two feet.

So, I pulled on my favorite running shorts, double layered my deodorant, downloaded some new jams and was off- slow and steady.

Well, after about 1.5 miles I started to feel like a had to use the toilet.  No, not number one, but number two.  Any other runners out there can understand how awful this feeling is, especially when there isn't a toilet in sight or an acceptable place to pull over and do your business.  I would have settled for bushes, but not even this was available.

The stubborn person I am decided to keep running, rather than turn around, run home, do my thing, and leave again.  I knew that if I stepped through the front door, I would not be leaving again.

Besides, no pain, no gain.  Right?

Anyway, I pushed myself forward.  At the half way point a bug flew in my eye (which is kinda funny since this happened to Aaron two days ago).  I could not get this stupid thing out!

And it hurt! I tried to find it and pick it out, but luck just was not on my side.  That bug was there to stay until I got home.

Thankfully, right when this happened I got to turn around.  I was on my way home! The hardest part was over!

I was wrong.

First, I almost twisted my ankle.  Thankfully this didn't really happen, so no biggie.

After about five and a half miles I took a nose dive into the concrete. My first reaction was, shit! I hope no one saw that.

Thankfully no one was walking or driving by to witness such a sloppy runner.  I didn't have to deal with the, "Oh man, I saw that! Are you ok?  That looked pretty bad!". 

That is the worst.

After I made sure no one was watching, I did notice that my knee and elbow were indeed scratched up.  Just add these to my list of scares covering my body.  Aren't I getting to old to fall all over the place?

Anyway, I made it home in one piece which is really all that matters.  I ran about seven miles and walked about one and a half.  Despite the problems along the way, I feel great (at least I will once my eye stops hurting).

But, not all was bad...

I'm loving the changing colors.  So pretty.

This horse is always so friendly.  Every time I run by, he'll come run over to me to say hi!

I have never seen a horse caution sign like this.  I like it!

The rest of the day I plan on watching, Masterpiece Classics:  Downtown Abbey.

Don't judge.

Do you have any terrible (or great) running stories??
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lisa said...

Jessica sometimes I think you are crazy!!!!! You have to take care of yourself or I'm going to have to come up there and take care of you. Love you hon, take care and be Careful!!!