Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wedding Dress, Part II

The back of a wedding dress, for me, is a really important determining factor.

I don't understand it much myself, but there is something about the back of a dress that just makes it complete.

Of course the front has to look amazing also, but the back is equally important.

I mean, think about it. When your dancing, walking down the aisle, etc. what do people see?

Your back-side.

So, if the back is not perfect, the dress just will not do.

You will notice an obvious trend in the styles I generally go for.

I love hints of lace, but doubt I would ever pick something with full lace arms.

An open "V" backless dress is lovely- I guess I should start working out my lats now.

Here are some of my favorites.

Pretty much perfection. However, I have broad shoulders. This isn't a bad thing, but cuts like this just make me look like a linebacker.
Link here #19
Love the back, but not the front.
Link here
This may be the perfect dress- and I can't even see the front.
The lace. The open back. The bow.
It just looks comfortable, but also extremely beautiful. And the little sleeves! Oh my!
Source unknown.

Another beautiful dress. No lace, but it's really not needed. This dress screams- elegant. I love.
Dress found here

The back is perfect. The front is bland.
Link here
The straps and the bow.
Link here
Again, if I didn't have such broad shoulders I would wear this dress. What to do?
Dress found here
Love this. So sweet.
Dress found here
Dress found here
So lovely.
Dress found here

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