Saturday, October 15, 2011


Some people would say i'm superstitious.

I don't know if this generalization is entirely accurate.

However, for as long as I can remember, I have always made a wish when the clock reads 11:11, on a stray eyelash, and when driving through tunnels.

I can't help these little habits.

But, sometimes my wishes actually come true.

Example 1: When I first met my amazing fiance I would wish for him to be my boyfriend whenever I would see the clock strike 11:11.

(I'm clearly trapped in the body of a five-year-old)

After wishing to myself that he would ask me to be his girlfriend at least 50 times right at 11:11, it came true.

Coincidence? Or fate? Who knows.

But, against many odds, I got my wish...

Can we all take a moment to look at my hair. Holy cow, it was long!

Not convinced? Ok...

Example 2: A few years ago we hit a rough patch. We were both in really awkward stages in our lives, but each in very different ways. We were still immature kids trying to become adults. I was having some doubts about "us". And so was he.

At this same time I received a fortune cookie that said "Your lover will be true to you".

I kept this fortune.

And, it came true.

Three years later I still have this fortune.

I would never believe that the success of our relationship is due to making repeated wishes at 11:11 or because of a fortune cookie.

Every morning Aaron and I wake up more in love than the day before because of hard work and a mutual understanding/respect for each other.

He makes me happy an I make him happy.

A fortune cookie did not decide this.

However, I still think the timing of the message is pretty intense.

Anyway, the topic of superstition came up at dinner tonight. Since his cousins are leaving to go back to Australia tomorrow, the whole fam when out to Chinese food for dinner.

After eating too much MSG slathered food, we all got our fortune cookies.

Aaron and I opened ours. Each read the same thing,

"You will soon be confronted with unlimited opportunities".

Yes, I saved them- otherwise, they won't come true.

I asked the rest of his family if they got the same fortune.

Aaron and I were the only ones...

I will keep you posted about upcoming opportunities and let you know if our fortunes come true.

And because I have superstitious tendencies, I believe they will.

Either way, it made my day.

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