Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sandwich Delight

Remember that veggie sandwich I was talking about the other day in this post?

Well I made this veggie goodness, and it was so amazing I decided to make it again for dinner last night.

I really want it again tonight, but decided to take a day off and eat something else.

Unfortunately, when I find something I love, I tend to eat it over and over until i'm sick of it.

...I would be really sad if that ever happened with these sandwiches.

Now, you may not know something about me (yet), so I'll give you a heads up...

I have an obsession with soup and sandwiches. Seriously.

In my world, there is nothing better than hot soup or a stacked sandwich for dinner.

I hope you like these things too, because you'll be seeing a lot of them on this blog.

Anyway, this sandwich had the works:

Cucumber, avocado, sprouts (which is a must have), tomato, pepperoncini, mushroom, red onion (another must), and cheese.

You could add sliced red bell pepper, but I prefer my sandwiches without (and I love bell pepper). You may also want to throw a couple pickles on there too, but I feel the pepperoncini gives it better flavor.

A tablespoon or so of Dijon mustard and very thin layer of mayo is all the condiments you need. The flavor should come from the veggies.

Finally, a last, but very important part of sandwich making is the kind of bread keeping your masterpiece together.

Crap bread gives a crap sandwich.

Obviously, find something you like.

But for me, sliced bread with seeds and nuts and whole grain makes such a difference in the final result.

Finally, put it together, and enjoy!

Thankfully, these veggie sandwiches aren't too heavy...

Finally one dinner favorite where I don't feel like i'm going to bed with a brick in my stomach.

I see many of these sandwiches in my future!

Am I missing something? Let me know!
I would love to hear about your sandwich favorites.
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